“We should totally do something like that!”

It was at some point while watching the  stop motion film Paranorman  that Sheala, perhaps mentally fizzing over from movie theater candy,  exclaimed “we should totally do something like that.” Brandon and Lisa, definitely giddy from buter flavored grease, er popcorn, exclaimed “Yeah!”

After the film was over,  everyone discussed the themes, plot, characters and techniques and it was agreed that it was a fine film. As the credits rolled there was  neat featurette that showed how the Norman puppet was made.  Much oohing and aahing ensued and a resloution was made right then and there (or possibly a few days later, the memory is hazy) to do some sort of stop motion…thing. No one knew quite what would be done, but gosh darn it, something would be done.

Brandon figured he should actually try his hand at this new fangled stop motion thing to see if he liked doing the work. Hand drawn animation had never been a favorite of his in terms of creating, so a little experiment was in order.

He grabbed a static character from a group of such characters that Sheala and Lisa had created one afternoon, downloaded the Framegraph app, set up a makeshift set and make a quick animation:

He showed it  to Lisa and then Sheala, who did her own  quick experiment:

Thus was it decided that making stop motion animations was a blast and more should be made.