The Games have begun

Here at Plaidworks, we’re huge fans of The Game of Thrones tv show. Since the fourth season is about to start, we decided to do a stop motion recap of everything that’s occurred on the show so far.

Yes, exactly. You can laugh now. Somewhere around the 8th or 9th draft of the script (which came after several drafts of notes), we started laughing too. Though not in a sane way.

Anyway, we’re busy working along and want to share a bit of what we’re doing.

First, a table had to built. This took much longer than we thought, what with clearing a space in Brandon and Lisa’s attic, putting the table together, setting up lights and then building a rig to hold the camera (currently an iPhone), and finally positioning the camera to to capture the 14×22 inch space for the sets. We’re talking days here people, of building, than adjusting and various technical problems.

But it’s finished! Named Sidney, we’ve been putting it to good use this past week

GoT table 01


This was taken while setting up the scene of Theon being tortured, hence the dungeon look.


Here’s a short video test to see how our first set (the Throne Room) looked:

We’re still at it, working on more scene construction and filming as we go. If you’re keeping score we are trying out a new table and set, new lights, new camera rigging and oh yeah new puppet media! I mean why not try out a whole new kind of stop motion puppet?

GoT Table 2GoT map

And the insanity is slowly coming together as a Jell-o of wobbly, fun puppet goodness. More updates to come!