The fun of anticipation


Still working away on the Guardians of the Galaxy short, principal shooting is almost done and things are soon to be edited.

Which is good, ’cause the movie opens Thursday and we’ve already booked out IMAX tickets.

But as I was busy putting the final touches on the Guardian puppets (See Groot above) and dancing because a sequel has been confirmed by Marvel, it’s fascinating to note that everything we know about these characters comes simply from a trailer (we’ve avoided the comics to be able to enjoy the surprise). That’s it, just two minutes of carefully crafted goodness, specifically designed to snag the interest of people. It totally worked on us, particularly in terms of interest in Rocket Raccoon and Groot, who barely appear in that first trailer. Yet we were totally hooked by the first viewing. The tone of the opening sequence, the perp walk and description of characters and the combination of the retrotastic song mix with action packed scenes. It’s like if Frankenstein was specifically designed and pieced with plaid colored thread and sewing needles in lab named FUN. First impressions are everything, as we discovered with the first glimpse of a movie appearance of Wonder Woman (#underwhelmed #drab).

But the Guardians of the Galaxy? Yeah, we’re so there, massively interested to the point where we’re trying to avoid other trailers and advance information about the movie, because we so want to be knocked over the head with awesomeness on that opening night. Only four more days!

Oh crap, we we still have so much to do. Back to work!