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Daily Art 201- everything under the sun

Sheala- normally the grass perimeter is guarded by the frogs with bullhorns, but the jerboa usually need an air horn boost.

Brandon-Francis likes bots just fine, but had no idea why anyone would assign him to fix them. The idea was just bananas!

Daily Art 200-Look at how we’ve blundered

New theme time! It’s a workswap, where animals in the PlaidWorks factory swap jobs. Cross training is important!

Brandon-However, size differences are a bit of a problem, as Rudy the mouse discovered when he tried to Moe the monkey’s job. It was a tough day for the winged monkey patrol!  
Sheala- Those tree tops gotta stay trimmed for the monkey squads. So the mice tried many methods of tree trimming when Gigi giraffe is on a recruiting missions. Results vary.