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Daily Art 144-werewolves and so much more!

War Turtle sits quietly at his desk…

His magic teletype box buzzes.

“Suggestions for next topic. Could unusual portraits be a thing?”

War Turtle looks around. He shakes his head. He hates when Culture Badger uses the infernal brainwave box. Ravens and Owls are more efficient.

“Unusual Portraits? Go on, I’m listening…”

“Think Big Eyes or Frida Kahlo with interesting backgrounds? Creatures in portrait format. Werewolf in a suit. Full moon over his shoulder sort of thing. Perhaps include a frame?”

“Ah, Ok.”

“Also Google Haunted Mansion portraits!”

“But I find your demands for a frame oppressive and will pick and choose which include frames!”

*stares suspiciously at text*

“Ok, but I got my eye on you Badger. No sudden framing!”

“Culture Badger has made his statement and rests his gavel!”

“Hee, a zombie literally has their eye on you. Wears their heart on their sleeve.”

“Ha! Zombie can take out his eye and follow you!”


Brandon- The official portrait of Valentina Romanov, first werewolf on the moon.  


Sheala- There was a tradition to get your portrait under the full moon.