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Daily Art 312-Into the future we shall delve!

Brandon: Next theme is Ways To Travel, supposedly.

Sheala: Hmmm. Ways to travel!

Brandon: Now is the time to suggest alternatives!

Sheala: Travel stories?

Brandon: Go on….

Sheala: This might include ways to travel, travelers and their adventures.

Maps, missions and treasure

Brandon: Go on…

Sheala: Travel diaries, secret passages and unusual places travelled to

Strange motives to travel, travel for fun and necessity

Brandon: What if…they don’t travel?

Sheala: Ah! Then dreams and daydreams of travel and the perusing of travel posters

Brandon: Most excellent

Sheala: Make it so!

Brandon: Engage! Or just elope!


Brandon: “Well, YOU can walk if you like, but I’m Segwaying this hero’s quest!”



Sheala: Once Owl told Squirrel pumpkins float, he made an oar, chewed a hole and set off downstream.