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Day 29- yo Moe! lookin’ fine

Sheala: Thomas was working on something smaller. He found a way to harness power and save it. And he figured out how to send it in tiny lines of silver. He thought he could make the robots work better with his ‘silverpunk’.


Brandon: Tom, always ready to wirk. Or work!


Day 26, look here’s more pics!

Brandon: Sally likes to sew and make things.



Sheala: Dr. Findlay was the 1st to solve the steam piston. He created a vehicle that absorbs moisture through its feet and converts it to steam to power the pistons in the legs. He enjoys his new horizons and affectionately calls the vehicle ‘Duckpunk’.


Day 25- come into the hive

Sheala says: Stitchpunk creatures often have small repairs. Lucky they are helpful.



Brandon: Brenda was forever working designs for toasters, in hopes of getting rid of the treacherous toaster oven.



Day, 23 later we stop for tea!

Sheala: This was the first launch. They watch from the hill. Some of their tech was in that glider. It was the hydroelectrics division that would give it the send off though.



Brandon: Gus likes to be alone in the tower, watching all the dials, pushing the buttons. Though he often calls Mr. Wilkins on the vidphone.



Day 21- having fun!

Sheala- Victor made good use of his steampunk helper devices while working in the chemistry lab. He was hoping to invent rechargeable batteries for micro devices.



Brandon-We’ve been here a while and Mr. Wilkins the III has been with us from the beginning


Day 20, steampunk aplenty!

Sheala- Joe and Brenda sometimes visit the observation tower to see how things are flowing down the hydroelectric pathways.



Brandon: So we spend the wheels, pull the levers, click the buttons and fix what breaks.


Day 19- feelin’ squeaky clean




Brandon: After we landed, it was the monkeys who turned the ball into square, built our home in the machine. The humans said we were terrafarming, before they disappeared.


Sheala: Though it is a steam based society, we sometimes have a fox, Aggie, generate an extra jolt of power. Freddie reads him stories while he runs.