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Daily Art 308-Grab jetpack, don’t be late!


Bob: I’m telling you Steve, the cats get together in those boxes and they start hatching schemes against us.They’re up to no good, I’ve heard them!

Steve: Nah, you’re hallucinating buddy. They’re just harmful fluff balls. Go chase your tail and calm down.




Sheala- No one knew where the flamingo secret base was. Sometimes they would be spotted blending with the locals and planning their shrimp raids.  


Daily Art 306-On route 66, getting kicks!

Sheala- It’s the most obvious secret base ever. Down to friendly ice cream granny, the trap door, the creepy mascot. Of course that was the genius of it.


Brandon-Dr. Evil was again upset. He had asked for a Classical Roman Tower of Doom, not a Neo Gothic Temple of Dark Power.


Daily Art 302-Don’t paint the wall blue!

Brandon-“No, I said I wanted the base IN the volcano, not on the rim. Take it down and do it right!”

Dan truly hated working for Dr. Evil and his insane pickiness.


Sheala- Gary unpacked his magic mirror and fan first. While he admired his beauty he made plans for his new secret base.  


Daily Art 301- why do anacondas want hamburger buns??

Sheala- Cecil was outgrowing his shell and ready to make his mark on the ocean floors. Those blue crabs would pay.  Luckily, Hermes had his new SEASHELL ready. (Serious Eradication Armed Secure House and Exploration Laser Lodging) 


Brandon-Princess Pig enjoyed relaxing at her secret orbiting base, taking a dip in the pool and being served ice cream by robots.