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Daily Art 185- America is still alive!

Hello! Welcome to halfway! as in halfway through the year and halfway through this project!

It’s rest Saturday and an American holiday! Here to explain America and things like the 4th of July is the Oatmeal! (click on the photo to see the rest of this awesome comic)

Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 9.47.06 AM

Daily Art 178-Time to celebrate!

It’s break day, but here’s a recent conversation we had:

Sheala: Hey DC! We got a Q to trade. Whatcha got?

Brandon: Do we want a Q?

Sheala: He’s all powerful and fun! You got room for one of those guys! Also we can throw in beaming technology. We just wanna borrow Batman for a while.

Also can we check out Superman’s Fortress?

Brandon: Um, Batman never returns any of our calls during the day.

Superman has a fortress?! That little…?!

Lex is interested in your beaming technology.

Also the Riddler is inquiring about the halo deck, for experiments.

Joker wants to know if Data can come out and play.

Sheala: Uh yea. The Fortress is sonic and crystal technology and we kinda run on that.

Sure Riddler can check it out he’ll have to wear a ID chip is all. Should we tell him about the safety protocols?

Data is always looking to make new friends. He’s totally cool with that. Worf says he wants to meet Aquaman. Something about a facial hair tips exchange.

Brandon: Aquaman can’t spend a lot of time outside, so…

Sheala: We got some water tech. No problem.

Brandon: Lex would also like to schedule a meeting with the Borg, to see about a mutually  benefical alliance.

Sheala: Also we got a couple of doctors would love to chat with Harlequin.

Uh. Wait. Sorry. That Borg thing is a deal breaker. No way. End transmission.

Brandon: The Joker says he’ll set the safety protocols after checking out the bridge. Something about “new toys”.

Sheala: Hello? Uh. Yea. We are not negotiable on the Borg thing. So tell the Joker sorry!

Brandon: He insists!

Sheala: Fine fine. Tell him he has to wear a red shirt. We’ll meet him on the planet surface.

So. We’re totally gonna make this Saturday’s post right?

Brandon: Hee hee, ok!