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Daily Art 116- they did what in Meereen?

How this topic went:

B- “You have New Raven!”

“Dear darn Hoitty Toity Arts and Culture Badger, The honorable and hard-shelled War Turtle is ready to be begin negotiations for new topics. Please submit 2 and 1/2 ideas at his earliest convenience. Thank your for your prompt attention to this important matter that has captured the Greatest War Turtle of All The Island’s  attention.”

May you always have a home,

War Turtle

S- *incoming communica*

Hello in all respects War Turtle-

We here at the Arts and Culture department have been reviewing the list of topics. We would like to suggest quirky heros/superheros OR Impossible vehicles. Thank you for your time.

sincerely Badger,  A & C Dpt

B- Now you have a department?!

S- You have a War department. Mr Turtle!

B- Well, someone has to protect us from the orcs!

Bah, heroes is too restrictive! War Turtle demands villains also

S- Very well we accept these terms!

Brandon: Yes, she steals your socks. She isn’t proud of it but every hero has flaws.

Sheala: the Hulk who melts in the presence of a kitten, doesn’t stay green.