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Daily Art 130-New theme, look at the birdy!

Brandon: Time for a new theme, but there’s back story, so hang on for the ride!


It started on Thursday when Brandon found this image on Pinterest and sent it to Sheala. 


(From: http://lackadaisycats.tumblr.com/post/67909264429/notes-on-character-design)

Brandon: Another theme idea!

Sheala: Oooooooooooooooo. Pick the shapes first then add? Assign a daily shape?


Brandon: Yes, let’s work on the same shape at same time. You come up with six, I do same, we mix and match. Say share shapes by Sat afternoon. 

Sheala: Not complex but not simple shapes?

Brandon: Mix and match!!!!!!

Sheala: Hmm. I propose draw eight. You pick from mine I pick from yours. There’s extras to avoid overlap!

Brandon: Let me present this to the council of elder turtles. I’ll inform you of their eventual descion

Later that day…

Brandon: The Council of Elder Turtles Who Appreciate Art and Other Fun Things agree to this modification. 

Sheala: Thanks Council! The Council of Paperwork will draw up contracts!

Brandon: I believe they’re having tea and Twinkies at the moment!

Fast forward through conversation about Age of Ultron, Funko Pop figures, the business of making movies, Marvel Studios vs Fox Studios, and various food related definitions.

Brandon sketches-IMG_8494

Brandon: Pick from shapes! I drew more than eight, ’cause I’m a rebel at heart!


IMG_8008 IMG_8535

Sheala: I numbered mine. Lemme know if you want more. 

Brandon: I would like 2 1/2 more shapes please and could I sub out the fries for a teleportation ring? And a blue milkshake, chocolate flavored. Made by mice. NO JERBOAS! They always put weird stuff in milkshakes. Like treble. Who wants a ringing milkshake?! Not this monkey!




Brandon: HAHAHAHAH. Here’s mine with numbers:


Sheala: Ahaha! You separated the ones I thought were pairs.

Hang on…

Brandon: Yes, they weren’t getting along.

Sheala: 7, 16, 22, 4, 25, 28. You can count the milkshake outline as a shape!

Brandon: I chose….3, 1, 6, 5, 8 & 9!!!!!

Sheala: Cool!

Brandon: Pool.

Sheala: Heh. I thought you’d go .5!

Brandon: That’s why I didn’t! Keep’em guessing for no good reason! School of Baelish!

Now, how to mix’em up? Alternate? Duel? Trial by combat? Let Boo pick?

Sheala: Hahahaha. School of Baelish sounds very Fury. 

3,7,1,16,6,22,5,4,8,25,9,28?? Alternate. Unless we can figure out how trial by combat works.

Lucky there are no duplicate numbers!

Trial by combat could require a trip to DQ. With dice!

A roll off for each pair!

Brandon: Oh. I had poisioned your tea, figuring that’s how trial by combat work. School of Oberyn!

Sheala: We could let Lisa draw from a hat!

Brandon: I thought it would happen at DQ. 

Sheala: Let’s go right now! Or before 4!

Brandon: Right now requires pants. 

Sheala: Later will also require pants. But if the mice aren’t done making them I understand.

Brandon: Oh, pants are easy!

So, after a side trip to replace suddenly dead car battery, Brandon retrieved Blizzards from Dairy Queen (Salted Caramel for Lisa, Banana Split for Sheala, Strawberry Shortcake for Brandon and Salted Caramel for Daniel, the dude who replaced the car battery so Brandon wouldn’t have to get his hands dirty), a Lisa Lotto was held and the here’s the final list of shapes:


And that’s how we came up with the new theme, Prefab Shapes. Now on with the show:  

  Brandon: Mongo was always fascinated by waves of the ocean.

  Sheala: Jordan felt lucky to have found out this picnic carpet would fly.