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Daily Art 186-and now…more PlaidWorks pix!

Time for a new theme! Put since we’re doing something special at the end of the month/beginning of August, we’re going to continue with a PlaidWorks related theme. Below is the deep thinking that decided upon this topic:


Sheala: Are we doing something today to pick something out for the next topic? Can’t remember if there was a set up. Or what it is!

Brandon: I thought it was fake ads/parts about PlaidWorks

Sheala: Wahahahajaahah. Ok!


That’s how we roll sometimes!


Brandon- This is the Makerthingie 2000, one of the devices that takes in objects and makes them into other objects. Here we see a pear, walking stick and tall glass of water being made. 

Sheala-  The Sound Replacement Gun! Surrounded by terrible noise? Get one of these guns and change all that noise to music! Or cooing doves! Ages 21+