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Daily Art 198- is that floor made of slate?

Sheala- Entertaino- BOT 3000 looks familiar. He was inspired by a certain droid. He wanders around the factory offering a fun Break from work. Each night he returns to the library and the librarian changes out some of the stuff so he wanders with new toys!

Brandon-When you have a baby dragon around, it’s best to feed him lots of ice cream and boy do we have the perfect product for you! The ICY SCOOPER 6000XI has variable speed control, a recovery tray AND recovery freezer. Not for use with dwarves!

Daily Art 197-Geeze, it’s hard to rhyme with seven

Brandon-Recon is important, especially for mice. Luckily the TyrionX7 mini-copter fits the bill, enabling surveillance of secret snack spots, the best sun spots and where the cats are heading. Order yours today!

Sheala-  there is lots of security around this bit of tech. It’s useful for fast experiment results and useful for growing feed to feed the Factory. But no one wants it to fall into the wrong hands!


Daily Art 191-Art Supplies, of them I need a ton!

Sheala- ‘lil Bot 2A. This guy follows you around the factory watching and listening. He’ll keep tracking things for you and upload them to the Banana OS. It’s like a little personal assistant. 


Brandon- The MK FlashBeam is a highly useful tool for finding all manner of things. Everyone factory worker should have one! Maybe two!

Daily Art 190- Look at this road it’s so winding!

Brandon- The Air Pusher 400XT (Series A) is such a fabulous air conditioner, even the ‘bots enjoy using it. Just as long as there’s scarf around to get the full experience.



Sheala- The sandwich salad wizard. Start a salad or a sandwich here! Press the buttons for your ingredients and watch it woosh onto your bread or in your bowl. Toy in an egg optional.  


Daily Art 189-Drawing is divine!

Brandon-The Deluxe Refresher comes with five flavors and a mysterious sixth flavors made from the others.   

Sheala- The Ground Tester 3000. Walk on stilts and test your ground for pH levels, excess bugs, hidden lava bombs etc.; developed for the Plaid groundskeeper these are useful everywhere!