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Daily Art 3!

DAs3Sheala Says: The Villainous 3 ruled the low seas. The Fancy Crab was a con-scientist, The Unfortunately Spotted Octopus was the enforcer and the Shielded Shrimp was the safe-cracker. Their heists of the Asian pearl beds were infamous.



Brandon Says: The Ninja Men of Tibet dressed as Mice in an attempt to scare the Fearsome Lady Pirates, but alas, it was for naught.



DAY 2- Daily Art BS

Day 002

Brandon says: Sam the orangutan enjoyed climbing the trees and dreaming of being a pirate.



Sheala says: you should keep your eye out for seafaring ninjas. They travel in large packs and move silently.



Daily Art 1

We’ve decided to make more art! So we’ve made a list of topics- one for each month to draw, create etc. some sort of daily art. We will take a day off each week for catch-up and other projects etc. January’s topic is pirate/ninja/alien/villain.


Brandon’s story excerpt: “The Octo Men of the Southern Seas were gentle people, who sailed the Seven Seas in search of new art materials for their works.”



Sheala says: ‘it’s all in the claws and the agility.’