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Daily Art 60-whole new theme, ’cause we’re feeling nifty

How we picked this new theme:


Brandon: *watches the horizon patiently for news of what the next theme will be*

*grows impatient, starts breakin’ stuff and setting fires, while amassing troops outside the castle*

*gets on Battle Turtle to head to castle walls and announce terms of combat*

*moves slowly forward*

Sheala: Parlay?

Brandon: Faster Battle Turtle, i think she said something, but i can’t hear from this distance!


Brandon: Franco death scenes?

Sheala: Heh

Unusual nature and scenery? Patterns and textures? Mythology? Something in between?

Brandon: Patterns and textures sounds interesting as a change of pace?

But Mythology is intriguing too!

Sheala: Yes. Add some color!


Brandon: patterns and textures of Franco death scenes?

Sheala: Don’t even have to be that specific but you can!


Sheala: Curious mongoose is tugging on my pant leg wondering about the new daily are theme

Brandon: Didn’t you read the meeting minutes from that Pinterest direction? I thought it was fabrics and textures?

Sheala: Ha! I forgot that we had that meeting over there.

Here we go…


Brandon: Started with the texture first and it just grew into tentacles, no idea why, but pleased.


Sheala: circles are delightful.