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Daily Art 281- Ready the toboggan!

Brandon-Bert appreciated the birthday wishes, but wished the others remembered the bears prefer salmon over cake.



Sheala- The weasel brothers were the best in the mailroom. Letters flew around like nobody’s business.  


Daily Art 274-Ah drawing, what an allure!


Rascal: Well the markings don’t really mean anything, it’s just how some foxes are, you know?

Wanda: Oh that’s nice. Just trying to figure out who keeps stealing pens off my desk.

  Sheala: Larry the Lynx got very distracted all of a sudden. The squirrel brothers were prank masters.   


Daily Art 272-Buckle that shoe!

Brandon- Meanwhile, Phil happily admired his wall of “acquired” pens.


Sheala-Shelley was happy to volunteer to watch and report on the security cameras watching the supply closet. Rascal kept her well stocked with pencils and kale drinks. Truth be told she might have a crush…