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Daily Art 215-Where’s that coffee bean?!

Brandon-Not many flowers grow in the mountains, so Yeti keeps a vase of them in his cave. With a nice cup of coffee and their soothing scent, it really adds to his day of monstering.

Sheala- When the plesiosaur met ‘Nessie’ (while looking for Scottish Heather), he wondered if he needed glasses or if she always looked so fuzzy.

Daily Art 214- what a blinging day! It’s so green!

And for our next topic there was this conversation:

Brandon Blatcher: On the raft, i’ve made a craft, lets call it a draft!

And then there’s…(dramatic pause)…the next topic!!!

Sheala Bacon : The wind grew and it blew and then of drafts, there were two.

…oh My GOD! The next topic! It’s coming aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


Brandon Blatcher: Two by two, the drafts of blue!

Flowers? Nature? Something non plaid.

Sheala Bacon : Flowers and nature?

Brandon Blatcher: Both?!

Sheala Bacon : ‘A view of the naturale world as seen through the eyes of the strange’

Brandon Blatcher: Ok

Sheala Bacon : I was going for Darwinesque. But then I remembered we ain’t Darwin.

Brandon Blatcher: What kind of flowers would a werewolf like?!

You don’t know how I spend my mights, prowling the mean streets of Savannah!

Sheala Bacon : Cataloging the natural urban setting??

What kind of flowers would a werewolf hate!?

Brandon Blatcher: Anything foorn looking. They have a rough life, so prefer cheery stuff

Sheala Bacon : Heh. I shall draft Sunday’s. Have you something for Saturday?

Brandon Blatcher: By george, i shall find something!


Sheala- Werewolves don’t like fuzzy flowers. It tickles their noses and make them sneeze. And of course they know how to make a finger cross. Vampires.

Brandon-Due to their rough and usually short life, werewolves adore flowers, particularly tulips