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Daily Art 97-ah, drawing heaven!

Brandon- It’s Merlin! Or is it Gandalf?


Sheala- Marshall became a legend in his time. His plaque reads: “Great escape artist and tinkerer, Marshall, is pictured here with his most famous invention, the flower helicoptor.”


Daily Art 91- did you ever see such a question?

Sheala:    Smokey the Bear got tired of the firefighting game. So he got some friends together and formed a band. 

 Brandon: According to legend, the Grootslang is a primordial creature as old as the world itself. Tales state that gods, new to the crafting of things, made a terrible mistake in the Grootslang’s creation, and gave it tremendous strength, cunning, and intellect. Realizing their mistake, the gods split the Grootslang into separate creatures and thus created the first elephants and the first snakes. But one of the original Grootslangs escaped, and from this first sire all other Grootslangs were born. It has the head of an elephant on a serpent’s body.