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Daily Art 267-Are we gonna get to heaven?



Tiny Bear: I don’t understand, why do I have to get one when it first comes out. Won’t it be the exact same thing two week from now?

Largish Rabbit: BECAUSE.

TB: And why do we even need phones? And don’t we have to give them something for the phones, it’s called money right?

LR: Shh, we’re adorable, that’s all that matters.




Sheala- The real reason Ripley left the cat behind. Jonesy was of no help.

Daily Art 263-Are you looking at me?!

Brandon-Tiny Bears are great, but the one problems is their appetite, especially for such small creatures. Add in the fact that they can read and they’re worse than cats when the see a faint sliver of emptiness at the bottom of their bowls.



Sheala-Bert looked around, ready to start his adventure and find the fabled Monster. Where is it he wondered?

Daily Art 258- isn’t Evan with kate?

Sheala- the Hare and the Tortoise weren’t sure how they got this small, but they decided to work together.s3gp














Brandon-“Quickly my steed, attack the human! He has a treasure of snacks, I”m sure of it!”da258-b

Daily Art 256-Time for new pics!

Time for a new theme. Here is how we came up with guerrilla photography?

Sheala: So guerrilla photography is photos of something we’ve altered?

Brandon: I dunno, was your idea! I figure putting sketches into photos also works!

Sheala: Ah. That’s cool. So basically mucking art with photos.

Brandon: In some way, yeah.

Or sketches of gorilla photogs doing guerrilla photography?!


So there you have have, Guerrilla photography is the theme for the next two weeks


Brandon: Carl was startled by the idea of guerrilla photography and not amused by having to cut his vacation short to go back to work.



Sheala- He didn’t know how he got here. But this photo shoot was getting weirder and weirder. And there seemed to be an attack of the DREADED LENS FLARE.