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Day 25- come into the hive

Sheala says: Stitchpunk creatures often have small repairs. Lucky they are helpful.



Brandon: Brenda was forever working designs for toasters, in hopes of getting rid of the treacherous toaster oven.



Day 20, steampunk aplenty!

Sheala- Joe and Brenda sometimes visit the observation tower to see how things are flowing down the hydroelectric pathways.



Brandon: So we spend the wheels, pull the levers, click the buttons and fix what breaks.


Guardians of poo

Brandon: Gamora! Gamora! Gamora is really neat! She is filled with turtle meat! Sheala: Drax! Drax! Drax! Drax! Has new friends, that’s a fact. Brandon: Rocket! Rocket! Watch what you say, that’s gun in his pocket! Sheala: Peter Quill is captain StarLord. Play with him you’re never bored. Brandon: The Gamora one was something I stole off the…

Translating popculture

Sheala: Since we don’t have stuff to shoot and we are both working and I have a sore throat and headache. I will chill at my house and come shoot tomorrow. Brandon: Boots, reset the traps for tomorrow! Sheala: Boots. I will bring tuna!! Brandon: Feel better-Memorial Health Sheala: We care- candler Brandon: You are…

Say Hello To Tommy

Here is a early test video we did: Simple and fun, this was test for us in actually setting up, shooting a scene and working together to do so. We used two cameras and off the shelf figures, Pokey and Tommy. Pokey you should know from his previous collaborations with someone named Gumby. Tommy is…