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Daily Art 74- come look inside this door

New topic! Found objects. It happened like this:

Brandon: Might have to do a theme on drawing with found objects.

Sheala: Ok. As in find an object and turn it into a thing? Curious Mongoose requests an audience with war turtle to discuss the new theme.

Brandon: Hahahaha. Like this: http://www.boredpanda.com/everyday-object-illustration-christoph-niemann/

Sheala: Yes. You propose this as the next topic? Where is war turtle with this treaty of declaration!?

Brandon: I turned in the form to him, he’s pondering whether to do it this week. War turtle will not be pushed! Or pulled! War Turtle is not to be warred with!

Sheala: Curious mongoose is delegating the Treaty signing to Arts and Culture Badger.


Brandon: Found objects it is!

Sheala: Ok. So everyday objects transformed? I have a lot of objects.

Brandon: Transformed?

Sheala: Into art?

Brandon: Or part of art.


Brandon:    The Connector Cap Businessmen from Dimension X were known were selling the finest in purple dreams, 3 sided boxes and cherry flavored light bulbs.


Sheala: Koalas on the brain.