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Day 46, time for food with character pics!

Sheala: Have you thought about what the next theme should be?

Brandon: YES! I have!

(several hours later…)

Brandon: Otherworldly snacks Or mash-ups?

Sheala: Mash ups like pop mash OR idea mash or what. Otherworldly meaning alien?

Brandon: Idea mash.Change “otherworldly” to strange snacks” so it can apply to just about anything!

Sheala: …..

Sheala: Let you know tomorrow!

Sheala: (Aside: unusual food won’t include Simba sandwiches will it? I find that disturbing)

Brandon: No. A lot of people were disturbed by it. But here’s what I mean by Unusual Food: what would a monkey chef make? What would a hippo put in pancakes? A dragon foodie? Xenomorph snacks?

What dish would cause octopi to use chopsticks? Ewok iron chef? Cake masters, but with mice?


Sheala: Ah. Food with characters. Good. I was thinking save mash-ups for later. Make it so!

Brandon: You’re not my coal mine supervisor!

On with the show!


Brandon: I imagine Darth Vader would find some joy in tea. It’s liquid and easy for him to take in, as opposed to solid food. Plus, he’d need some sort of simple pleasure, what with being in thrall to an evil empire and his, um, wrong paths in life.


Sheala: eat dessert first!!