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Daily Art 238- What of the dinosaurs fate??

Sheala- If you’re a clown, you breakfast on a very special cream pie. The worlds #1 best even.  



Brandon-Rangar the Terrible, the most feared of dragons, ultimately only wanted waffles. He dreamed of them constantly, but no one ever brought him any and no one would allow him in a kitchen to make them himself.


Daily Art 235-Houston, are we live?

Brandon-No one is sure how it go the name Bazooka Bunny. There’s rumors that one of the scientists was making a pun on a famous raccoon character from some movie. But the success of their experiments made the name tragically fitting when the now enhanced bunny decided it wanted something more than pellets for breakfast.

Sheala- On the African plains, fancy breakfast requires some heavy duty machinery. And help from a monkey.

Daily Art 230-Don’t get shirty!

Brandon-Every morning Rabbit puts on the cooking show to show others the true subtle genius of cooking with carrots. One must release the inner carrot, but gently, else the flavor is destroyed. Become the carrot without BECOMING the carrot.

Sheala- sometimes, if you’re an eagle you catch a meal on the wings of some other bird.