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Agents of SHIELD Recap by Agent Carter-One of Us

Agent Carter mugshotHello Agent Carter here. Let’s have a look at how my SSR Agency, now known as SHIELD, is fairing in these post Hydra days. It’s an interesting time, what with alien races and their buried, mythological warriors popping up on Earth and now incredibly powered beings among us. Things are certainly getting complicated!

Agents of SHIELD-What’s Going Here?

As Agents of Shield takes a break while Hydra takes over the US political system, it’s worth pausing to consider where the series is after these first eight episodes of season 2. Everything has been moving at pretty fast pace, with lots of developments and plenty of questions, so lets dive in: What is the Diviner?…

Agents of Shield, Season 2 Episode 8-‘The Things We Bury’ Don’t Stay Buried and Where is That Darn City?

  Austria, 1945! Werner Reinhardt aka Dr. Whitehall is interviewing people about that pesky little device we know as the Obelisk/Diviner. He encourages someone to touch the device and they’re killed, just like almost everyone else who’s touched it. Reinhardt/Whitehall is definitely the evil bad guy! It’s the lofty monotone chat that gives it away! When a…