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Daily Art 102- hey this thing is gonna fall off the wall, can I borrow a screw?

Time for a new theme for Daily Art. This means discussion! So, where we go:

Sheala: knock knock: Arts and Culture Badger has sent you a message.

Messenger Mouse hands you a paper.

“Hello Commander War Pig- we request a negotiation for the upcoming topic. Please send your reply via our Messenger Mouse. Thank You.”

Brandon: “You are speaking to Admiral War Turtle. Commander War Pig is passed out in the barn from too much Root Beer. Again. Please inform the Rhomba Squad. Good Day Messenger Mouse.”

Sheala: “Hello Rhomba Squad. We are sorry to interrupt your dance practice. I have sent Messenger Mouse to negotiate for the next topic. Also root beer is not good for pigs. Especially war pig. We patiently await your reply. – Yours in Art, Culture and Diplomacy- Badger ”

Brandon: “Dear Culture and Diplomacy- Badger,

“Thank you for sending a raven. It’s always a delight to be eating my afternoon snack, only to be badgered by an art loving badger. Truly, it’s the height of any veteran Turtle, trying to alleviate the pains from the The Pond North Of Old Man Thompsons Farm War of ’08. Yes, Indeed. Particularly when a previous communication via smoke mail indicate the new theme would be thoughts of animals. Or was I mistaken?”

Sheala: “Thank you for sending my raven home with shiny beads. It makes him ever so happy. Yes we had put that initial proposition out as a test theory. We are glad it has been well enough received to become realized as a full idea treaty. We will send back the paperwork forthwith. Thank you for continuing to work with us in the arts and culture ministry.”

We should probably make this a theme at some point. But on with the show! 

 Sheala: I often get this look in these circumstances. 



“For nth time, we are not play pal! You’re lucky I let you live here!”