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Agent Carter reviews Agents of SHIELD episode, “Scars”

Agent Carter here. My word things are a mess. At least we’ve had some Avengers help cleaning it up. Of course some may argue it was a mess of their own making but I would never discount Hydra, splintered factions of SHIELD (aka my SSR) and alien interference.


We see a flashback to a year ago! The ever marvelous Agents Koenigs are prepping for Coulson’s arrival to the secret base. They discuss Theta Protocol, which is finally revealed to us. It seems there was a helicarrier in deep storage that avoided the Hydra disruption, lo those many months ago. Oh I do love a good surprise!

Back to the present, Gonzales and Coulson are watching news of Sokovia. Coulson says he’s been too busy working alone and proposes himself as director, since Fury already made him such.  He also suggests a new guiding counsel is now the board that was running Gonzales’ SHIELD. Ah, finally we have a bit of harmony. It may not last long, as Gonzales says there’s one more problem to solve and it can’t be done with a magically appearing helicarrier.


Lincoln is still asleep in the Shield infirmary. Skye waits for him to wake so she may take him home. Simmons does a final check out of Kara and is fretful that Skye won’t reveal anymore details about her journeys and where Lincoln’s home is. Eventually Lincoln wakes. He is distressed at being in a SHIELD facility. He worries now that the InHumans will be forced from hiding.

In Afterlife, Raina tells a man his son will go through the mist and be beautiful. She seems quite happy to be acting like a church elder. She tells Gordon that her visions are better, though hard to know if they are dreams. She explains a dream of a giant stone. From the description, Gordon recognizes it as a Kree carved stone meant to destroy InHumans. Jaiying listens to Raina’s story and may be trusting Raina. She tells Gordon and Raina to find the stone. I have some misgivings of this! After all, Raina hasn’t been on the side of good.

Gordon and Raina teleport to  Gonzales aircraft carrier. It’s where Coulson and Gonzales teams are currently. Oh dear, that’s where the stone is?

Jaiying and Cal discuss Raina. Cal says Raina always wants something. She is smart and manipulative and was so even as a child. Why am I not surprised?

Hunter sees Raina and Gordon aboard and pulls the alarm. Raina and Gordon find the stone. It’s very liquidy. It forms and un-forms in their presence, as if it was alive. Like the pool a certain Kree warrior bathed in.

The command discusses the finding of the stone. They doesn’t know what to make of things. But they do seem to be cohesive. Except Hunter, who as always, is sarcastic.

Skye and May and Coulson have a heart to heart. There’s discussions of who’s a threat and who’s not. Skye explains the InHumans helped her learn to control her powers. There’s also mentions of the fact that they infiltrated the ship and May’s action is Bahrain. Skye reveals that the child was Inhuman, which no one previously knew. SHIELD command wants to go after them. You see,  they’ve rebuilt the Hydra device used to track Gordon and found Afterlife. Coulson would like a sit down meet instead.

The InHumans discuss the stone, they want to stick together. Cal is put out by Raina and suggests she’s out to create chaos. Jaiying needs everyone to stand together!

Skye and Coulson discuss Skye’s standing and she reveals that Jaiying is her mom. Coulson wants to Index everyone. Skye suggests she and Lincoln go first and explain to Jaiying about SHIELD. This is all so admirable, I must admit. It sounds like a peaceful solution is possible.

Bobbi and May see Kara being locked up until they can be sure of her, even though her brain scan seems Hydra free. Then Bobbi goes to see Mack, they discuss the goings on and Hunter’s forgiveness. Or rather the lack of it. She’s nervous about getting it and somewhat jealous and bothered that Hunter has already forgiven Mack.

Coulson and May chat and they don’t seem to be on the same side anymore. Coulson tries to apologize, but alas May is mistrusting and sullen. I find this ’emo’ May a bit worrisome. Everyone, from the Inhumans to Shield seem to be letting their personal issue run roughshod over everything, which is never a good sign.

Lincoln and Skye get ready to go. Skye tries to explain to FitzSimmons the quantum entanglement travel method. Evidently, he can see where others are and will only appear if Lincoln and Skye are nowhere near people from Shield.

Raina tells Gordon that she had a vision showing her of SHIELD’s attack and suggests she should meet with SHIELD, instead of Jaiying. This does seem ever suspicious, I must say. It sounds like Raina wants to undermine Jaiying and take control of Afterlife for herself. It would certainly fit with Raina’s previous actions.

Jaiying is packing stuff and getting things from a fellow while waiting for Skye and Gordon. Skye spends some time explaining to Jaiying that SHIELD wants to help.

SHIELD command says they have to send Gonzales, not Coulson. They claim Coulson is too close and not neutral about Skye. They use Tony Stark’s creation of Ultron as an example of people not noticing when someone close to you is doing something they shouldn’t. Coulson is not happy about it, but he agrees.

Fitz and Simmons have a chat about killing and not killing Ward. May and Bobbi leave to scout ahead. Mack resigns. He won’t work under Coulson as director, feeling the alien has tainted him. He feels from his own experience of Kree tech, that Coulson can not be trusted. I do tire so of all these personal shenanigans that are interfering with the team.

Cal and Jaiying chat. Cal wants war, Jaiying says they have no choice but to meet with SHIELD. Jaiying wants to know how to keep peace, Cal suggests letting himself be turned over. May and Bobbi chat about who they’d be without Shield.

Coulson, Hunter and Fitz discuss the merits of the council. And Coulson says, rightly so, they’ve been spending too much time together!

On the plane with Bobbi and May, a sudden auto landing prompts Bobbie to ask what’s going on. Turns out May is Kara, using her face changing tech. She’s angry at Bobbi believing her to be manipulative in trying to help Kara. But luckily Bobbie is the better and manages to get the upper hand and knock Kara out.  She then leaves the plane to see where they landed. But Ward is there and immediately knocks her out with an icer.

The planes, with the real May piloting, land in Afterlife. We see that Gonzales is given a ‘secret weapon’. Oh dear. I’m not sure where this is going.


In Afterlife, Raina who tried to convince Gordon she must meet SHIELD, has the tables turned on her. It seems, Gordon isn’t so gullible and Jaiying says to keep her locked up.

Gonzales gets to Afterlife and Jaiying turns over Cal. Skye takes Cal outside to the SHIELD agents. Cal gets all mushy on the walk. Gonzales hands over the ‘contingency plan’ to Jaiying.

May and Skye meet and chat about objectivity and being too close to stay objective.


Gonzales has given Jaiying a Chinese set of coins fashioned into a necklace, he found in Whitehall’s office. It is meant to be a symbol of peace. He explains SHIELD’s goal, which is just to index InHumans and keep people safe. He thinks that SHIELD can get to know the InHumans and then just be ready if any of them goes berserk. Then Jaiying offers a piece of history of Inhumans.  A manufactured (from Diviners) blue crystal, which contains the Terrigen Mist; she drops it and kills Gonzales. Then she shoots herself with Gonzales gun runs outside and declares SHIELD tried to kill her and this means war. Hmm, I did not expect his.

Our parting shot is of Ward tying up Bobbi and explaining to Kara that revenge must be planned and work for.


Dossier Notes:

I’m not sure about Coulson needing a board to bounce things off of. That hasn’t worked very well with Fury and it was almost disastrous in the Battle of New York. We tried it back in the beginning and it’s just always odd to have backset drivers.

Well, it is of no help if no one acts like they intend! I must say, I certainly wouldn’t have believed that Raina was going to be on the side of right. Or that Gonzales would be offering a personal symbol in an attempt to truly keep the peace.

It looks as though the rule the Inhumans had about keeping personal relationships to minimum was a good one. A pity there leader didn’t see fit to follow it.

Always sedate Cal when taking him in.

Is there no way to get that magic mask off Agent 33? It has become tiresome to see her walking around as others!

I say fie to all this personal angst! Take a moment and then Walk It Off! We are SHIELD agents, angst when you are off the clock!

Do not take Ward at his word! You people are wishing you’d shot him in the head, don’t think he’s suddenly turned a new leaf!

Agents Of Shield- S2e11- Aftershocks

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Skye's immortal comforting a teenage eyeless teleporter, because this is that kind of show!

Skye’s immortal comforting a teenage eyeless teleporter, because this is that kind of show!

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