What is The Plaid Works?

The Plaid Works is a stop motion concern that was begun on the whims of a tiny group of artist who had too free time and exchanged too many e-mails about Ewoks.

Currently, The Plaid Works consist of 2 artists, who are taking baby steps into the Stop Motion animation world. They hope you enjoy watching their journey and the results of their labors.


The artists are:

Brandon– Was born in New Orleans, LA, raised in Baltimore, MD and lives in Savannah, GA. There’s just something about those coastal cites. He has a background in fine art and comics, coupled with plenty of work experience in graphic design for the print and web. Pen and ink is a favorite medium, along with anything else that happens to lying nearby. Except markers, the smell tends to weird him out.

When not reading, doodling, or consuming tv, movies or music, he daydreams and thinks about the art of telling stories.


This is Brandon (Earth 01 version):

Cowboy, astronaut, friend of ‘bots and animals, lover of Apples, friend of donuts, enemy of the cold. He can be found (when he wants to) in a movie theatre, park, beach or under the covers doodling/reading.


Sheala– Is a visual raconteur, (aka illustrator) who hails from the planet of California. She enjoys ink and watercolor and various 3D mediums. She dreams in claymation and was pretty pleased to find some people who wanted to experiment in stop motion. Also she thinks reading, cats and puzzles are fun.

This is Sheala (Earth 01 version):

She likes cats, monkeys and giraffes! Friend to gadgets and jaegers! Fan and destroyer of ice cream sandwiches. Often frequents places serving chips and salsa, movie theaters filled with animation, sofa-parked with ink and paints and paper or roaming the streets looking for fun bits of plastic. Dislikes spiders, suits that committee ruin movies and dust in all it’s various forms.