Oberyn Martell recaps “Mother’s Mercy,” the Game of Thrones Season 5 finale

Dany's Boys, the latest Album from SMALL COUNCIL

Dany’s Boys, the latest CD from alt polka group SMALL COUNCIL

That was a lot to see and much to digest! So many events, so much occurred, alternating between thrilling and awful. Bring me more wine, while we go over this…

The killing of Myrcella was unsettling but made sense. Ellaria Sand would not, no, could not forgive my supposed death and acted entirely in character. In Dorne, we do not forgive and forget the murder of loved ones. But hurting little girls is not our way. It makes me sad to see that Ellaria went as far as she did. She risks not only war with Lannisters, but a civil war within Dorne itself!

Dany’s boys are quite depressed. I understand, it is not easy to love such a beauty who has just run off. They divide the tasks to be done. Daarios and Jorah leave to find their Queen, while Missandei, Tyrion and Grey Worm stay to rule in her stead. Varys returns in Meereen was welcomed and frankly, badly needed. He works well with Tyrion, while providing a realistic look at situations. With Tyrion running the city and having a very talented small council, it makes me wonder if he will acquire more ambitions of his own. Varys said he’s never been king of Westeros, but what if he was king somewhere else?

Arya takes revenge on that horrible knight, Trant. I did enjoy watching this, but vengeance has consequences. Her teacher is not amused and tries to teach her a lesson, I barely understand. Or care about. She ends her day blinded for her theft from the hall of faces.

It was great to see Sansa take some agency on her own. Too bad that Brienne and Pod are drawn away by the need for vengeance, an unforeseen consequence for Sansa. But at least we got to see Theon reclaim a bit of himself. Though it’s not clear if they jumped to safety or jumped to their death. Well, obviously to escape, but it’s not clear how they’d survived such a drop! Myranda certainly didn’t!

Did Brienne kill Stannis? It seems likely, but alas is not clear. He certainly deserves it, what with all the ways he’s betrayed everything he ever believed in. And so much for the siege of Winterfell! That was short and sweet, but still satisfying. Who wants the child killer to survive and win, let alone be king of the realm?

Daenerys is strange situation, lost in the mountains and surrounded by Dothraki with a weak and pouty dragon. Will they even know who she is; is this the tribe she was once part of? And will she be able to marshal their forces under her command? The Dothraki are great warriors but foolish in that they think so little of women, Daenerys has a hard road ahead if she tries to lead them, even if she has a dragon.

Cersei’s walk of shame was long and uncomfortable to watch. Certainly she orchestrated the tools that lead to her own shame for petty reasons that do the Kingdom no good. But to see any woman so throughly and publicly mocked and ridiculed was harsh, even for one who it could be argued earned it, in some fashion. Fascinating to see her so broken at the end, yet so quickly recovered once inside and seeing Qyburn’s creation. She was already busy scheming. Let us hope Kevan can help. And that those religious fanatics will be dealt with swiftly. But what about Loras and Margeary and Tommen? I should liked to have seen them…

Finally, we come to Jon and the Watch. Easy to see that coming, but brutal in its uh, execution, so to speak. I am glad Sam, Gilly and baby Sam were sent to Old Town by then. Yet Melisandre returned to the Wall and that was a lot of blood spilled. Considering how the red witch works with blood as fuel for her magic and how another priest of the Red God was able to raise the dead, Jon may not be dead for long.

It will be interesting to see how everything plays out in the future.

Theon and Sansa make a break for it.

Theon and Sansa make a break for it.


Musings over wine…

There are many instances of deaths tonight where we have not seen the bodies cold, my own ‘death’ proves that until we do, we cannot be sure…

I am not a man who cultivates pets, snakes are useful as tools, but not pets. Still I wonder what has become of Ghost the direwolf?

Baelish, that rascal has been gone a while. Will he make good on his promise to go after the winning side of the siege of Winterfell? The Boltons barely broke a sweat ruining what was left of Stannis’ army. Will the deserter half of that army show up some place more interesting? (Or perhaps they only went so far as Bolton’s barracks) Baelish may be more concerned that his play against Cersei didn’t work the way he wanted. Or did it?

Did Jon manage to convince anyone of the threat of the White Walker army? Sam certainly, but what of the folks in the north? And there are all those dead bodies from the battle laying about, waiting for the White Walker King…