Meet Agent Carter!

Agent Carter

Tonight we got to visit with the fabulous Agent Carter again!

She’s still getting over the loss of Captain America, aka Steve Rogers, who is now chilling at the bottom of the arctic. Also she helped save to world and now the boys in the office want her to… file the paperwork. BORIIIIING!

And we get to peek in at Howard Stark aka dad of Iron Man, though it’s 1946 and he’s not born yet. Stark behavior runs in the family and Howie is in front of congress defending himself against treasonous acts of selling weapons.

Anyhoo exciting things begin happening and our new favorite agent jumps on board! Howard’s gone rogue and asks for Carter to clear him. He hands her Jarvis’s number, some science notes and boats off into the night!

Agent Carter is awesome. Have we said that? She adeptly maneuvers the male office politics, the hired killers and creepy scientists to track down one of Stark’s worst chemical formulas he had hidden in his ‘bad babies’ safe. (so that’s the thrust of the series really, find Stark’s missing stuff, especially the ones Congress hasn’t found yet)

Peggy spends the first hour staying ahead of her sexist co-workers while looking for a substance called nitramene. It’s powerful explosive and in the wrong hands bad things will happen. First there’s visit to club owner Spider Raymond (Bubbles from the The Wire), then a knock down, no holds barred fight with an Evil Henchmen. Then, Peggy returns home and defuses a bomb in her bathroom. IN HER BATHROOM people!

But not everything is going well, as an evil and silent agent in a green suit follows her home, kills her roommate, the sweet and kind Colleen, and then goes toe to toe with Peggy in another brutal fight. He escapes, leaving Peggy to weep over her murdered friend.

Jarvis briefly console’s her over the death, then introduces her to Dr. Anton Vanko. Yes, that Vanko, the father of Whiplash, the villain in Iron Man 2. He gives them a lead to Roxxon Oil, where Peggy finds another silent man with a mysterious scar on his throat. Yet by placing an electronic device near the scar, he can talk in a sort of modulated voice. Too bad it’s him warning Peggy that he’s standing in front of truck full of nitramene bombs. Oh, did he just drop one as he climbs into the truck? You’ve got 30 seconds to bring the car around Jarvis!

Luckily the duo escape in time and talk about what they’ve discovered so far. As Peggy walks off, Jarvis speaks to Howard on the phone, informing him that Peggy has no idea what’s really going on. Uh oh!

The hunt for the missing truck continues at the Roxxon headquarters. Both the male agents and Peggy quickly figure something fishy is going on, and begin testing/investigating the workers. When Peggy spots one from her earlier reconnaissance, she quickly thinks of way to out him while not outing her behind the scenes actions. As the the guy tries to run away, a brilliant scene occurs.

As the male agents begin to pursue running worker, Peggy calmly asks where the corridor the guy is running down leads. She then takes the stairs to cut him off and trips him with a borrowed briefcase. Again, she does this all very calmly and competently. If anything, she looks slightly bored at how easy it all and disgusted that her male coworkers don’t figure how to quickly catch the guy, yet they constantly stick her with the filing.

Let’s look at this again, in slo-mo and with proper commentary:

Agent-Carter-IMG_7808 Agent-Carter-IMG_7810 Agent-Carter-IMG_7811 Agent-Carter-IMG_7814 Agent-Carter-IMG_7817 Agent-Carter-IMG_7819

This scene gets at the heart of Peggy’s “secret power”: her intelligence. She’s often the smartest person in the room, naturally thinking 3 or more moves ahead, yet she gets no respect or acknowledge of her extraordinary abilities. It’s enough to leave an agent bitter and frustrated, especially since she was unable to save Steve or her roommate.

Further adventures send Peggy after the missing truck in the second hour, which results in yet another spectacular fight on top of said truck as it barrels down a dirt road. Again, Peggy asks for no quarter and gives none as as she street fights her way to victory and literally pinning the villain to the truck of nitramene before it crashes and explodes in a valley. Our hearts are still beating from all that!

Everything wraps up nicely with Jarvis cleaning and bandaging up some of Peggy’s wounds as he advises her to open up and seek friends in her fight. She’s reluctant, what with her roommate getting killed because of Peggy’s spy work, but she seems to accept Jarvis’s advice. Too bad he’s not being totally honest with her. But it does inspire Peggy to seek a room in an all female boardinghouse and cautiously begin making friends with the waitress at a diner she frequents.

So we end with the destruction of this particular weapon, an alliance of sorts with Carter, Stark and Jarvis (with seeds of other possible partnerships) and hints of bigger conspiracies to come.

Notes added to the SHIELD portfolio:

  • Whoever is doing the Agent Carter soundtrack has great taste in music. It’s perfectly matched to the style and setting of the show.
  • So many delightful bits of fun like the Vanko namedrop, the hint of Leviathan, discussions of the next Red Skull and the treasure trove of Stark tech.
  • Jarvis, the man, is a wonderful human. We love him. He’s very proper, likes his schedule and has hidden talents like cultivating tidy linens and repairing distributor caps.
  • Tony Stark seems to get a lot of bad habits from dad.
  • Being a lady in olden days, sucked. Geez, have things gotten better. Still, we love watching Peggy Carter navigate this world, whether it’s in her own office, with the bad guys or with a rude diner in the restaurant she frequents.


Bonus Tip: Ant Man looks great!