Guardians of poo

Brandon: Gamora! Gamora! Gamora is really neat! She is filled with turtle meat!

Sheala: Drax! Drax! Drax! Drax! Has new friends, that’s a fact.

Brandon: Rocket! Rocket! Watch what you say, that’s gun in his pocket!

Sheala: Peter Quill is captain StarLord. Play with him you’re never bored.

Brandon: The Gamora one was something I stole off the ‘tube.

Sheala: Heh. I am Groot! Groot! Groot! Not made of brass so I don’t toot.

Brandon: Thanos, Thanos, he’s man, don’t ever cross him or he’ll crush you like can!

Sheala: I’m going to mix metaphors and suggest these games are a bit like monkeys flinging poo at a 1000 typewriters

Brandon: Yondu, Yondu whatcha gonna do? Whistle up a tune and send the arrow through! Not poo, gold!

Sheala: Nebula, Nebula a girl of the stars. Careful or your head gets put in a jar. Heh. Golden poo.

Brandon: With glitter!

Sheala: Sparkly golden poo!

Brandon: From unicorns that wear sunglasses!

Sheala: Rainbow glowing sparkly golden poo. Leave it to the monkeys to outsource for poo.

Brandon: More fiber for monkeys!

Sheala: Heh

Rainbow Poo



Sheala: All poo is designated this now. RGSG poo.

Brandon: *Moonwalks out of chat*