We got your Thanksgiving right here


Sheala: What if it had been robots instead of Indians here??

Brandon: Robots wouldn’t share their corn, vegetables or wild turkey, because they wouldn’t have any! Maybe energy generators?

Sheala: What if they pretended to be friendly like the Europeans? And what if the robots saw a use in people as repair techs or slaves?

Brandon: What if the robots decided the humans would make excellent entertainers and pressed them into service as circus acts?

Sheala: Circus acts!! Dude. With the Bears. But the Bears are boss.

Brandon: Boss bears! Niiice. Sarcastic boss bears who mock the pilgrims!

Sheala: Heh. Sarcastic bears. I want there to be a new genus in the animal kingdom. Sarcastic beavers. Smart-ass Bears. Cranky otters.

Brandon:“Hey, can you believe these humans, they stay awake all through winter! How stupid do ya gotta be to do that? I tell ya Bob, they’re making every two leg look bad”

Sheala: Heh

Brandon: “But Jerry, we go on two and four legs, what do we care?”

“I’m not letting snowwalkers make is look bad, even half way!”

“Christ, next they’ll be eating all the salmon”

Sheala: ‘Hey Piker- look at those idiots with sticks trying to catch fish. Man are they dumb. Hey hold my paw while we go around this bend.’

Brandon: “Fire?! In forest?! They make fires in forest?! Jeeze, not even the raccoons are that idiotic!”

Sheala: ‘Hey, hey Joe, look at those men down there on the ground. are they lost? They keep going in circles. Like they don’t have a magnetic sense in those bird brains’ ‘Mac don’t insult us bird brains.’

Brandon: “Barbara, they don’t have fur. Like at all. “ No, they have fur in select places on their bodies” “Select places what’s that all about? They think it only gets cold on select places on the body? My god, we have have to protect them, that’s why we put them in the circus! Keeps’em busy and fed!”

Sheala: “I know John. But they are entertaining. I mean they do a stupid jig when you tickle their feet with fur!’

Brandon: “Oh, I ain’t saying they’re not amusing. Seriously, sneak up n’em at night and growl. The faces and noises they make!