Fear Names!

Naturally the announcement that the Walking Dead spinoff will be called Fear the Walking Dead prompted riffing!

Brandon: Fear the Walking Dead

Sheala: Right?

Brandon: why not Poke the Walking Dead? Or Tickle TWD? Jesus

Sheala: Yell at the walking dead about God!!

Brandon: Better call Merle

Sheala: Ha!

Take Photos of the Walking Dead for the Calendar.

Picnic with the walking dead!

Brandon: Beauty & The Walking Dead

Sheala: The Cat and the Hat and the Walking Dead

Brandon: Star Wars VII: The Walking Dead Awakens

The Golden Dead Girls

Sheala: Avengers: Age of the Walking Dead

Heh. Golden girls

Brandon: Little Walker on the Prairie  Sheala: Heh

Pulp Walking dead

Brandon: TWD of Hazzard

Sheala: Wahahahajabaha. Like that car commercial

Edited to add further deep conversation about this important subject:

Sheala: Baking with The Walking Dead? Iron Dead Chef!

Ferris Beuller’s Dead Day off.

Brandon: Bwahahaha! Hell’s Kitchen indeed

All in the Dead Family

Sheala: Heh. With the same recliner


Dealing with THOSE new zombies eating in the same neighborhood

dead Friends

MASH set in the zombie war

Sheala: Heh. That could work sort of zombie land mash

Driving Miss Dead

Brandon: 2001: A Zombie Odyssey

Sheala: Wahahahajabaha

Brandon: Whole new meaning to Miracle pn 34th Street

Sheala: Hahaha! Also Rosebud is now an ax!

Brandon: OMG