Day 11, what do you think Kevin?


“Calling all agents, calling all C.U.T.E agents, we have a case against D.O.G.”

Sheala says: Can I make cute villainous? No, no I can not. But I can pit cute against villain and so this sketch. Which I have no doubt will return in my art life again. Soon. Hopefully, I’ll figure out what those acronyms stand for by then.

PS- that’s a pygmy marmoset, a pygmy Japanese flying squirrel, a dwarf rabbit, a jerboa and a pygmy hedgehog.



Brandon mumbles: Ok, this had no pirates, ninjas, aliens or villains in it, which is the theme of the theme. But I was inspired by the artwork of Erik D. Martin, so there you go. I suppose you could say the mice in the sketch are villains, but mice can’t be villains, so whatchgonnado?


Who does the Kevin in the title refer to? A minion, of course!