Daily Art 256-Time for new pics!

Time for a new theme. Here is how we came up with guerrilla photography?

Sheala: So guerrilla photography is photos of something we’ve altered?

Brandon: I dunno, was your idea! I figure putting sketches into photos also works!

Sheala: Ah. That’s cool. So basically mucking art with photos.

Brandon: In some way, yeah.

Or sketches of gorilla photogs doing guerrilla photography?!


So there you have have, Guerrilla photography is the theme for the next two weeks


Brandon: Carl was startled by the idea of guerrilla photography and not amused by having to cut his vacation short to go back to work.



Sheala- He didn’t know how he got here. But this photo shoot was getting weirder and weirder. And there seemed to be an attack of the DREADED LENS FLARE.