Daily Art 174- let’s go look on the factory floor

Brandon-  Oh sorry, forgot to mention Ollie the troll. He lives out by the bridge on the road to the factory. But he does troll badly, which is good! Instead of living under the bridge, he lives above it, in the trees. He smiles a lot and waves as the hoomans go by. He’s not sure what he’s supposed to do with the big club, but he’s seen other trolls with them, so figures he should have one too. Surely one day, it’s use and importance will be made clear! In the meantime, it’s resemblance to a carrot is soothing, because he loves carrots. What? He’s a troll, of course he’s monstrous in some way!



Sheala- this is Jim the Jerboa. He’s the top communications tech. He also likes to tinker around with drones and robots.