Daily Art 172- what if your pinky toe just grew and grew?

We join War turtle in his office and overhear this snippet of conversation:

“War Turtle approves of this, but not of Raspberry sherbet!”

Which is then followed by this:

you hear a dim flapping of wings…

:an envelope is dropped on your desk:

“Who dares to DROP an envelope on the Great War Turtle’s magnificient desk?!”

Hello Sir! In an effort to continue the forward scheduling of Daily Art Topics, please expect discussion shortly…Regards- secretary mouse to Arts and Culture Badger

“War Turtle expects nothing except the glory of combat in the office cafeteria!”


Somehow the new topic became Plaidworks characters, those wonderful creatures that work in the imagination factory int he mountains.  War Turtle ponders this as he reminisces on recent portraits of himself.

Brandon: Down in the valley, where the city rests and the hoomans do whatever it is they do, the pigs run a tour service of the PlaidWorks factory. It’s always a bit messy waiting for the hoomans to get aboard, but pigs love the change of pace and seeing people in their natural habitat. And they make very good iced tea!


Sheala: Weavil the Rat is a spy of Doctor Poo. He thinks he’s cleverly disguised but everyone in the Plaidworks factory knows. They treat him like he belongs so one day he might decide he likes Plaidworks better…