Collaboration Pt. II, The Quickening

Working with others can be, well,  work, as anyone who’s been on a committee, had a job in an office or simply tried to negotiate a revolving door can attest. Sometimes it’s light work, sometimes it’s a lot of work, but there is always some element of having to deal with others and find common ground, even when there doesn’t appear to be any.

Then there’s the PlaidWorks way, which tends to be delightfully frustrating. The problem isn’t getting along, but rather dealing with the many ideas that spring forth from bouncing them off each other. Are these crebbits? rabbitives? rabbideas? I don’t know, but it’s a fascinating process to watch and be a part. Rather than try to explain it more, we’ll just illustrate it ok?

Look at this:

PlaidWorks conversation

I drew this will thinking of things we tend to do things. Most of the conversations go like this. Someone has a idea, the other responds to it and a rapid back and forth ensues that is a mixture of personal totems and likes, pop culture references that come from movies, movies, tv, the web, art history, general culture, science and any number of other things that happen to boil forth into a creative soup.

Anyway, this just made me laugh, so I emailed it to Sheala. Minutes later, I get this in return:



It’s her take on how idea bouncing (Tiggering?) and conversation at PlaidWorks go back and forth. It’s wonderfully similar to what I did, but different in ways that make me go OOOH and AAHHH and OH THAT’S NEAT. It’s uniquely Sheala as the first is uniquely Brandon, but the meshing of tone and fun works in a really satisfying way. And that was a simple one off where we were just riffing. The real fun starts when we concentrate to put all our ideas in one piece of work. That’s what we’ll be showing in the weeks and months to come.