Oberyn Martell recaps “The Dance With Dragons,” episode 9, Season 5 of Game of Thrones

Episode nine has arrived! I’ve been wondering how things would go after last episode. Watching the White Walkers kill your friends and then raise them from the dead to fight against you, was a lot to digest. Many bottles and bodies were needed to ease my fears!

Let us see what’s happening in this messed up world…

Things get hot in camp Stannis, thanks to Ramsay Bolton!

Things get hot in camp Stannis, thanks to Ramsay Bolton!

In the North, Ramsay Bolton continues to succeed at being a complete pain. He and his “20 good men” set fire to the food and weapon stores in camp Stannis. So much for guards, eh? Things are bleak in the camp, leaving Stannis to make hard decisions about how to continue his campaign to win the Iron Throne.

Oberyn recaps “Hardhome”-episode 8, season 5 of Game of Thrones

Here we are again, looking over all that is occurring in Westerss and Essos. Strange how many lost their lives, their families fighting for the Iron Throne. They’re gone, but it’s still here, ugly and uncomfortable. Why does no one make a throne of cock or tits? That would be something worth fighting for or at least resting against all day.

GoT s05e081

Anyway…Tyrion has made his way (by hook and crook) to Meereen and is before Daenerys (along with Jorah). Finally, I have been waiting to see these two meet and talk. They banter back and forth a bit, with her asking why she shouldn’t kill him and he noting that he’s a great Lannister killer (Ah, Tywin).

Oberyn Martell recaps Game of Thrones season 5, episode 7-“The Gift”

It is I, Oberyn Martell! Here to look upon the most recent events in Westerors and Essos…

GoT s05e072

Away we go on another journey

At the Wall, Jon is riding out with Tormund. It looks cold up there and lonely. Too many men, not enough women or wine… No one likes Jon trying make peace with the Wildings, but that is not surprising. At least Sam packs a bit of dragon glass for Jon, in case of White Walkers. A bottle or three of wine would have been nice, but Sam isn’t schooled in such things. What good is Maester if they tell their pupils about the important things of life?

Oberyn Martell recaps Game of Thrones episode s05e06- “Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken”

Oberon Martell here on a lovely island surrounded by nubile… everything. Let’s have a look at what is happening in this little game of thrones.

GoT s05e061

Arya works in such drab settings

Oh dear we are starting with Arya? And she’s still cleaning? At least she’s cleaning dead bodies. This seems to be some sort of step up. And arguing with Jaqen ‘no one’ Afar. They play the Game of Faces which is a test of lying it seems. That at least is a useful skill though I prefer bare faced honesty. It’s much more entertaining to watch others reactions.

Arya shows some kindness to a dying girl, by expertly lying and helping her to relieve the girl of pain that has plague her all her life. For such skill, Jaqen brings her to the lower chambers of the House of Black and White. It seems to be full of the faces of the dead. Though Arya may not be ready to become no one, she is ready to be someone else. Finally we move into interesting territory.

GoT s05e063

Tyrion and Jorah walk and talk, as traveling companions do.

Then we get to travel with Tyrion and Jorah. I agree with Tyrion, Jorah is a boooring travel companion. Things do get better when everyone gets honest! See what I mean? Tyrion tells Jorah about why he left King’s Landing and meeting Jorah’s father. As this not so dynamic duo walk, they ‘discuss’ why Jorah wants to hand over Tyrion. He, of course, has opinions about that and politics and Daenerys. Then, they have a bit of trouble and run into some slavers. Tyrion is a delight to watch, as he talks them out of not killing him and chopping of his cock, until they get to a cock merchant. (I have been to these shops and they are overrated). The Imp also talks the slavers into taking Jorah to the newly re-opened fighting pits in Meereen.

Cersei and Baelish talk and plot, but not together!

Cersei and Baelish talk and plot, but not together!

Ah, here’s the silver tongued Baelish back in King’s Landing. And he runs into Lancel and his religious order, The Faith of the Seven. Sigh! These religious types give me a headache. Nothing but judgement for all the pleasures in life. Baelish reminds them he’s got an appointment with the Queen Mother. They back off, doling out warnings instead. Neither Baelish or I are impressed.

In his discussion with Cersei, he warns her against the merits of using the Order to do her dirty work. Cersei doesn’t listen, but I doubt Baleish expected her to. She’s more concerned with shoring up her crumbling power. So Baelish promises the Vale’s fealty to the crown.

Then he reports on Sansa’s whereabouts and upcoming marriage. He, of course, explains that this will make Bolton much stronger as Warden of the North. He then councils patience as he updates her on Stannis’ likely plans. Of course she should take an army to finish the winner. Oh, but she hasn’t one to speak of. So Baelish promises the Vale’s army as they are better trained for battle in the North anyway. I’m not sure what to make of Baelish, he seems stunningly amoral at times, and then sweetly personable when it comes to Sansa Stark. But I do know not to trust him.

GoT s05e0611

In the Watergardens of Dorne anything can occur!

Ah here are my beautiful Water Gardens. We have my young prince nephew, Tristan and his intended Myrcella Lannister. He says he will ask for her hand soon. They kiss. Ah young love is sweet, no? It makes my poets heart sing. My brother likes seeing them as well. He tells his head guard to keep careful watch on them.

Just as well as we see Jaime Lannister and Bronn riding towards the Gardens. Bronn is murdering one of our quaint minstrel’s songs. They plan to kidnap the princess. As do my lovely daughters. My paramour has worked them into a state and now it seems we shall have a wonderful fight in the palace gardens.

Jaime and Bronn approach a very involved kissing young couple. This should imply that Myrcella may not leave willingly. As they discuss this, my beautiful daughters approach and as promised a magnificent fight! My youngest spirits the princess away, before the guard arrives. My lovely Obara is stubborn as is Jaime. But they do finally surrender to the guard that encircles them. The guard also surrounds my lovely Ellaria.

GoT s05e0614

Cersei and Grandmother Tyrell spar!

Grandmother Tyrell has come back to do something with the Loras imprisonment. On meeting with Cersai, who plays dumb, Olenna Tyrell reminds Cersai of their houses’ alliance. Cersai placates her quite ungraciously. The High Septum is having a hearing to detirmine if a trial is needed. Loras defends himself from charges which are of course ridiculous. Why a religious order should fuss over the pleasure of the flesh because they are offended by the parties involved is beyond cruel. But alas the Septon proves his case and wrangles Margery into jail, as a witness who covered for Loras’ so called crimes. Is Cersei happy? She does look smug. She was not expecting such plentiful results I think but is quite pleased. Unlike Lady Tyrell, whom I would choose to have on my side anytime. We have had good dealings before after all. Just ask Joffrey.

Sansa in her wedding dress.

Hello beautiful Sansa. I am glad to see you growing strong. You reveal the two faced nature of the daughter of the dog keeper quite admirably. Miranda? Yes, that is her name. Still keep an eye on her. Sansa is ready for her wedding, she is quite fetching. If only my brother had had more sons! But alas Theon comes to escort her to the wedding. She refuses his arm and Theon nearly breaks down with fear about the forthcoming punishment for that. The wedding goes forward with the arrogant Bolton boy lording himself over the preceding. Later, Theon stewards Ramsey and Sansa up to their wedding room and then goes to leave. Ramsey has told Sansa to strip after he accuses her of lying about her virginity. He demands Theon stay to watch Sansa’s deflowering. Ah, the punishment, as promised, includes Sansa as well. The wretched Ramsey has his way, of course, as Sansa screams and cries. And Theon cries in the corner being forced to watch.

Well, I’ve certainly had more than I can watch for now. I think I’ll go find a new bed and a fresh bottle and check back later.

Musings over wine…

Baelish makes a good point. Make all of your fantasies entertaining. 

Ah Cersei. So strong, but not so smart. Considering who the father of your children are, it is not wise to unleash religious fanatics.

I enjoy seeing Tyrion at his best. And this seems to be when his back is against the wall and his brain and mouth are his only weapons. 

I would suggest anyone be more wary when tangling with my daughters. Bronn took a small cut to the arm but may have forgotten our family nicknames were snake related for good reason. 

Agent Carter Talks Agents of SHIELD finale “SOS”

Agent Carter mugshotAgent Carter here with my final report before vacation. The mess of SHIELD continues. Powered people, alien artifacts, rogue agents. I hate to see my SSR Agency dissembling, let’s watch what happens…

Jaiying continues with her SHIELD war plan. It’s disheartening to watch as she stumbles wounded into a courtyard, in Afterlife, shouting about how Gonzales attacked her. Things begin to disintegrate. May gets in touch with Coulson. They discover Bobbi is missing. Simmons rushes in with the Jaiying report. Coulson discourages any overt attacks until they get all the information. I must say, I admire Coulson for taking the time to get proper information. No sense running into a situation and making things worse. Jaiying asks Skye why they trusted SHIELD. Rather pointedly. I don’t quite understand her, but she is villainous, so I may never.

Gordon and cohort hijack a QuinJet, by trouncing in, disabling the guards and taking off. They proceed to head over to Afterlife and fire upon one of their own buildings.

May defends herself against Skye like a one handed Jedi, until Skye uses her powers.

May defends herself against Skye like a one handed Jedi, until Skye uses her powers.

May is trying to get to the truth and wants to see Gonzales. Skye stops her and tells her to leave. Skye stands her ground to defend her new friends and Skye and May fight. May holds her own, often dealing with Skye one handed. Defeated, Skye uses her new powers to knock May out.

Back on the ship, reports of Gonzales’s death come in. Mack, who was just planning to leave Shield, realizes he’s still invested, so heads up to the control room to see what’s what. He walks in on Coulson and Weaver discussing possibilities of action. Weaver is quite bent to strike hard and immediately. Coulson wants to hold back still. Surprisingly, Mack agrees with Coulson. Simmons is still trying to comprehend things. I do find scientists often have a hard time not believing evidence they don’t see!

Back in Jaiying’s quarters, Lincoln is quite mad. Jaiying keeps advocating for harsh action. Skye goes to Raina for guidance. Raina talks of destiny. And how their destinies are entwined. And she tells Skye she will lead the InHumans and Jaiying is currently misleading them. She tells Skye that they will never talk again though Raina will be a light in the dark to guide Skye. Honestly with all this cryptic discussion, I barely know if Raina should be believed!

Gordon comes back to Jaiying with a hostage and says the plan worked. Lincoln will fight with them. Skye likely will. Everyone else is safe. Then Jaiying proceeds to literally suck the life out of the hostage so she can heal from the gunshot wound. Ah, so she’s something of an energy vampire. She’s kept that little bit a secret.

Cal is quite mad. If I were a doctor, I'd enjoy watching.

Cal is quite mad. If I were a doctor, I’d enjoy watching.

Cal is very happy. He is in fact singing. This man seems to have similar mental problems to Dottie. Simmons takes his vials to see what he took before his capture. May comes back and reports to Coulson that Skye chose the other side.

Hunter and Fitz figure out Bobbi was with Agent 33. And we see Bobbi with Kara and Ward. The point of Bobbi’s capture seems to be for Kara to get revenge on Bobbi for letting her be brainwashed.

Skye stops in to see Jaiying. Skye whines about it being a bad day. Jaiying advocates for taking the war to SHIELD. And Skye, even on this, her ‘worst day’, hesitates.

SHIELD watches the surveillance video. They realize that Jaiying set it all up. They still don’t know Gonzales is dead, though they suspect. Fitz comes in and reveals their Bobbi info. Hunter and May decide to go to after Bobbi.

Kara has learned Ward's techniques. Hang on Bobbi!

Kara has learned Ward’s techniques. Hang on Bobbi!

We watch Bobbi be tortured. Ward is exceedingly creative at this and seems to have access to drugs and implements. Never have I seen someone more suited to Hydra, even down to the addled reasoning and blame. It seems they simply want Bobbi to acknowledge and apologize for Bobbi giving up a SHIELD safehouse when she was undercover at Hydra. Kara was the safe house when Hydra attacked and wound up getting caught, then tortured and brainwashed. Understandably, she’s upset about what Bobbi did. But Bobbi is not, or at least not while she’s busy being tortured. She made a tough call for the greater good and she’d do it all again.

The SHIELD council agrees to 3 hours of intel gathering. Coulson wants to chat with Cal and the ship needs to be battle ready. Mack gets put in charge of security detail. Coulson has Cal in the deep freeze and their chat starts off very pointless.

Bobbi tries to get Kara to turn against Ward, but this doesn’t go well either. Kara seems a perfect match to his evil insanity. The two of them make a decidedly deadly couple.

Ah Raina, your light, now that it shines for good, will be missed.

Ah Raina, your light, now that it shines for good, will be missed.

Jaiying invites Raina to a chat. Raina is quite honest about what she’s seen. She says she’ll be a light in the darkness and reveal the truth. Jaiying seems amused before stabbing her. She turns to see Skye watching. Skye confronts her mother who rails on about the need to destroy SHIELD. Skye argues with her and gets conked on the head for her trouble. Jaiying says to lock her up.

Cal finally reveals that he’s there to kill as many SHIELD agents as possible. Coulson rethinks his approach. Maybe he can talk to Cal and convince him to stand down?

May and Hunter find Bobbi’s plane. And see that there’s been a struggle.

Bobbi’s not doing so great. Ward rambles on about Coulson as a talent scout. He tries to talk her into confessing. She escapes instead and fights Ward. Kara wakes up and the two subdue her. Ward hands her the gun and Kara doesn’t shoot her. Apparently Bobbi doesn’t fear death and Kara is too sweet. Or Kara wants to feed on Bobbi’s fear.

On the ship, Gordon is bringing other Inhumans aboard. And Cal isn’t doing good either. He has a heart attack in the middle of his chat with Coulson. The chemical mixture he created to give himself super strength is unstable. He was never able to get the mixture quite right. Simmons revives him with an injection, so he doesn’t die. Whatever was in the injection was the right ingredient to make the chemical mixture stable, so Cal turns into a sort of hulked out version of himself. Coulson Ices him but that hardly works, Cal complians of numb legs, but can still walk! Meanwhile, Mack sees the InHumans aboard the ship (with an unconscious Skye).

Ward and Kara set Bobbi up in a room with a Bobbi trap, that will shoot anyone who walks in the door. Ward figures that Hunter will come to rescue her and him accidentally killing her would be a nice twist when opening the door.

The ship is under attack now, with its crew either dead or captured by Inhumans. Weaver calls Coulson for help.

Coulson doesn't like Cal when he's mad.

Coulson doesn’t like Cal when he’s mad.

Back at SHIELD base, Coulson is dealing with the enraged Cal. Nothing seems to stop his rampage. Coulson finally traps him by pinning him to a wall with an SUV. Ever the resourceful man!

The InHumans take the control room of the ship. They do so rather easily. Despite all the training agents receive, they’re little match for super-powered people. Then, Jaiying arrives with Terrigen crystals, the same ones used to transform people into InHumans, while killing regular humans. The SHIELD council admirably stand to their code in the face of these.

Cal doesn’t take the talk well, he’s been so angry for so long. But Coulson convinces him Jaiying has been manipulating them. Gradually Cal’s anger subsides at this truth. He explains Jaiying was never the same after Whitehall’s destruction of her. Cal wanted to fix her, but all he did was feed her people to heal from. Coulson finally makes him see Skye is in danger. Cal agrees to help. Despite his crimes, the man truly does care about his daughter.

Mack breaks Skye out of the brig and tells her to hack the ship. They send out a hardwired beacon to attract Coulson’s help. The InHumans discover the signal, realize they can’t stop it and instead come up with a plan to use it. Jaiying wants them to expand the beacon to get all of SHIELD’s attention, to hopefully deal with the agency once and for all.

Cal is calming down. And Coulson sees what’s been happening while they were busy. They try to recall May and Hunter and team but, they are already on the ground.  Ward and Kara watch as May’s team come in. A couple of their agents are hit. Hunter snaps the trap and Bobbi adjusts her body to take the bullet, but not in her head, as the trap was designed, but in her chest. Smart and illuminating move. She’ll make the tough calls for the greater good, which aren’t always in black and white. Meanwhile, May tricks Kara into assuming her face and leads her into a part of the building where Ward is. It’s a well done play that works beautifully. Ward winds up shooting the disguised Kara, who dies in his arms as he struggles to save her.

Lincoln and Gordon chat. Lincoln seems to be having doubts. Gordon tries to talk him back to the InHuman side, though Lincoln clearly understands Jaiying is murdering folks. Ah some sense on both sides finally!

Mack and Skye get to the beacon to expand it. They hope this will be enough to stall.

May and Hunter get back with Bobbi; she’s not doing well. Coulson gets his ducks in a row. Fitz has made a ‘Gordon power’ dampening tool. It should prevent him from teleporting out of a room, if they can convince him to come in it.

Skye goes into the mainframe room and is found by Lincoln. Lincoln attacks Skye and Skye starts talking some sense to him and finds out the crystals are in the vent room. Then Mack walks in and knocks him out. Skye is a bit irate. But what’s an agent to do?

May calls Andrew and he tells her to do good. She is concerned that things are worse then ever. Simmons walks in on Fitz getting ready and she wants to talk about love. Now?? Love is most inconvenient, I must say, but it is improper to broach this before a rescue operation. Fitz agrees with me about the timing and then says theres nothing to talk about. Simmons stops him and says maybe there is. Then he wants to talk, but is interrupted by Coulson saying it’s time to go. Honestly, if your’e going to do these sort of things at inappropriate times, just kiss and get it over with.

There doesn't seem to be a perfect plan to be found! Good agents make do with what they have then.

There doesn’t seem to be a perfect plan to be found! Good agents make do with what they have then.

On the QuinJet, Coulson intercepts a message from Skye saying it’s a trap. May voices her dislike of the Cal plan. Coulson tells the rest of the teams to go home, they will try to solve the InHuman problem with minimal human contact.

Mack is hanging around in the fan room, sitting atop the case of blue crystals, holding an axe. Gordon teleports in. Mack introduces himself as the Man who will kill Gordon.

Jaiying pulls back from the control room with a second case of blue crystals. She leaves Skye with the red-haired ninja InHuman, who duplicates herself incessantly.

Cal confronts Jaiying who has Gordon whisk him away into a locked room, so she can carry on with her mad scheme. He bangs on the door. I don’t imagine it will hold him long.

Coulson and Fitz arrive on the ship, and find Mack, who’s managed to keep Gordon away from the crystals, but hasn’t been able to capture or hurt the teleporter. Fitz sets up his devices. The next time he teleports in, he can’t teleport out of room. Coulson, Mack and Fitz attack, as Gordon teleports around the room, fighting all three.

Lincoln comes in and helps Skye and May joins them. They let Skye go after Jaiying. Skye talks to Jaiying, but it’s not good, she’s set on war with the humans. In a final straw of how mad she is, Jaiying grabs Skye and begins sucking the life out of her. Skye struggles with her, but sticks to the mission and topples the jet with the crystals into the ocean.

Jaiying is not winning any mother of the year awards.

Jaiying is not winning any mother of the year awards.

In the control room Lincoln and May are not winning. Lincoln says they need to take out the main ninja. Lincoln comments that they aren’t bad, just mislead and knocks her out before May shoots. Ah initiative! I hope it helps, young Lincoln!

Jaiying and Skye are fighting again when Cal arrives and intervenes. He tells Skye he can kill her so Skye doesn’t have to live with that.





Gordon reappears, on a pole and dies; he drops a crystal as he goes down. Coulson dives for the crystal, because if it shatters, they’ll all be exposed to the Terrigen Mist and die (or be transformed). He catches it, but then holding the crystal begins to turn his hand to stone and it starts to spread up his body. Mack makes a wise but painful decision and cuts off Coulson’s hand with the crystal in it! Good lord that was smart, but obviously incredibly painful.

The battle is over and SHIELD has won. But not without some cost. Coulson and Andrew (May’s pyschologist ex-husband) are having a meeting. Coulson’s arm is in a sling as they discuss the teams psyche evaluations. May has decided to take a vacation (she packs lingerie and a gun), Mack has decided to stay and is in charge of alien artifacts, though he still dreads the stuff. Skye and Cal say goodbye as he’s lead away. He asks that Skye visit from time to time, and she says yes. It’s a bittersweet goodbye. Cal did all the wrong things for the right reasons, the safety of his daughter. But still, so many wrong things. Still, Skye says she’ll visit.

Andrew helps Coulson debrief events.

Andrew helps Coulson debrief events.

Ward's new Hydra?

Ward’s new Hydra?

Ward is drinking at a bar and plotting. He’s looking for a team of Hydra agents. Or leaders. Or peons. He might even run a new branch of Hydra himself, as he searches for some kind of ‘closure’.

Skye goes to a vet’s office with Coulson and it’s being run by Cal, who is now Dr. Winslow. He has no idea who Skye is, as his mind has been wiped and he’s been given a new identity. So Skye has a father who doesn’t remember her at all. But at least now he can the kind and caring doctor he was before. Hopefully he’s a cat person.

Coulson runs the Powered Team idea past Skye. She’s in, but thinks it has to be done in secret. The world doesn’t like enhanced people, they fear and hate them, so best to anonymous with the new team. Coulson says that was always the plan.

Oh No! Simmons!

Oh No! Simmons!

We are what we eat.

We are what we eat.

Back at the lab, Fitz finally and nervously asks Simmons on a date. After realizing his intentions (scientists can be so focused), she agrees and smiles. He leaves and Simmons notices the Big Rock’s door is open. She goes near it and the rock sort of eats her. Well then. I suppose there won’t be a date just yet.

Dossier Notes:

I say, a lot of people seem to be losing hands and arms about SHIELD. Hmm.

So, it seems, Coulson is not InHuman despite alien blood transfusion.

Vacations are best taken after furious battles defeating a goodly number of enemies.

No matter who your boss, it is good to think for yourself. Don’t blindly follow and be mislead!

Don’t leave artifacts around, I expect that wayward box of Terrigan crystals will lead to no good.

Oberyn Martell recaps Game of Thrones season 5, episode 5-“Kill the Boy”

Oberyn Martell here. Watching from my island paradise while enjoying life. I like to check in with those Seven Kingdomers. Especially the beautiful ones. Let me pour a glass of wine and we’ll have a look…

Missandei watches over the injured and beautiful Grey Worm. Are they delicious looking together?

Missandei watches over the injured and beautiful Grey Worm. Are they delicious looking together?

Ah Greyworm survived the brutal attack. Missandei sits by his bed, looking over him with a worried face. She’s beautiful as ever, as is he and hopefully too gorgeous to die from his wounds. Unlike poor Ser Barristan. He may have been a legendary fighter, but age dwindles us all. It’s not surprising that he fell, nor that he took so many with him.

Agent Carter reviews Agents of SHIELD episode, “Scars”

Agent Carter here. My word things are a mess. At least we’ve had some Avengers help cleaning it up. Of course some may argue it was a mess of their own making but I would never discount Hydra, splintered factions of SHIELD (aka my SSR) and alien interference.


We see a flashback to a year ago! The ever marvelous Agents Koenigs are prepping for Coulson’s arrival to the secret base. They discuss Theta Protocol, which is finally revealed to us. It seems there was a helicarrier in deep storage that avoided the Hydra disruption, lo those many months ago. Oh I do love a good surprise!

Back to the present, Gonzales and Coulson are watching news of Sokovia. Coulson says he’s been too busy working alone and proposes himself as director, since Fury already made him such.  He also suggests a new guiding counsel is now the board that was running Gonzales’ SHIELD. Ah, finally we have a bit of harmony. It may not last long, as Gonzales says there’s one more problem to solve and it can’t be done with a magically appearing helicarrier.


Lincoln is still asleep in the Shield infirmary. Skye waits for him to wake so she may take him home. Simmons does a final check out of Kara and is fretful that Skye won’t reveal anymore details about her journeys and where Lincoln’s home is. Eventually Lincoln wakes. He is distressed at being in a SHIELD facility. He worries now that the InHumans will be forced from hiding.

In Afterlife, Raina tells a man his son will go through the mist and be beautiful. She seems quite happy to be acting like a church elder. She tells Gordon that her visions are better, though hard to know if they are dreams. She explains a dream of a giant stone. From the description, Gordon recognizes it as a Kree carved stone meant to destroy InHumans. Jaiying listens to Raina’s story and may be trusting Raina. She tells Gordon and Raina to find the stone. I have some misgivings of this! After all, Raina hasn’t been on the side of good.

Gordon and Raina teleport to  Gonzales aircraft carrier. It’s where Coulson and Gonzales teams are currently. Oh dear, that’s where the stone is?

Jaiying and Cal discuss Raina. Cal says Raina always wants something. She is smart and manipulative and was so even as a child. Why am I not surprised?

Hunter sees Raina and Gordon aboard and pulls the alarm. Raina and Gordon find the stone. It’s very liquidy. It forms and un-forms in their presence, as if it was alive. Like the pool a certain Kree warrior bathed in.

The command discusses the finding of the stone. They doesn’t know what to make of things. But they do seem to be cohesive. Except Hunter, who as always, is sarcastic.

Skye and May and Coulson have a heart to heart. There’s discussions of who’s a threat and who’s not. Skye explains the InHumans helped her learn to control her powers. There’s also mentions of the fact that they infiltrated the ship and May’s action is Bahrain. Skye reveals that the child was Inhuman, which no one previously knew. SHIELD command wants to go after them. You see,  they’ve rebuilt the Hydra device used to track Gordon and found Afterlife. Coulson would like a sit down meet instead.

The InHumans discuss the stone, they want to stick together. Cal is put out by Raina and suggests she’s out to create chaos. Jaiying needs everyone to stand together!

Skye and Coulson discuss Skye’s standing and she reveals that Jaiying is her mom. Coulson wants to Index everyone. Skye suggests she and Lincoln go first and explain to Jaiying about SHIELD. This is all so admirable, I must admit. It sounds like a peaceful solution is possible.

Bobbi and May see Kara being locked up until they can be sure of her, even though her brain scan seems Hydra free. Then Bobbi goes to see Mack, they discuss the goings on and Hunter’s forgiveness. Or rather the lack of it. She’s nervous about getting it and somewhat jealous and bothered that Hunter has already forgiven Mack.

Coulson and May chat and they don’t seem to be on the same side anymore. Coulson tries to apologize, but alas May is mistrusting and sullen. I find this ’emo’ May a bit worrisome. Everyone, from the Inhumans to Shield seem to be letting their personal issue run roughshod over everything, which is never a good sign.

Lincoln and Skye get ready to go. Skye tries to explain to FitzSimmons the quantum entanglement travel method. Evidently, he can see where others are and will only appear if Lincoln and Skye are nowhere near people from Shield.

Raina tells Gordon that she had a vision showing her of SHIELD’s attack and suggests she should meet with SHIELD, instead of Jaiying. This does seem ever suspicious, I must say. It sounds like Raina wants to undermine Jaiying and take control of Afterlife for herself. It would certainly fit with Raina’s previous actions.

Jaiying is packing stuff and getting things from a fellow while waiting for Skye and Gordon. Skye spends some time explaining to Jaiying that SHIELD wants to help.

SHIELD command says they have to send Gonzales, not Coulson. They claim Coulson is too close and not neutral about Skye. They use Tony Stark’s creation of Ultron as an example of people not noticing when someone close to you is doing something they shouldn’t. Coulson is not happy about it, but he agrees.

Fitz and Simmons have a chat about killing and not killing Ward. May and Bobbi leave to scout ahead. Mack resigns. He won’t work under Coulson as director, feeling the alien has tainted him. He feels from his own experience of Kree tech, that Coulson can not be trusted. I do tire so of all these personal shenanigans that are interfering with the team.

Cal and Jaiying chat. Cal wants war, Jaiying says they have no choice but to meet with SHIELD. Jaiying wants to know how to keep peace, Cal suggests letting himself be turned over. May and Bobbi chat about who they’d be without Shield.

Coulson, Hunter and Fitz discuss the merits of the council. And Coulson says, rightly so, they’ve been spending too much time together!

On the plane with Bobbi and May, a sudden auto landing prompts Bobbie to ask what’s going on. Turns out May is Kara, using her face changing tech. She’s angry at Bobbi believing her to be manipulative in trying to help Kara. But luckily Bobbie is the better and manages to get the upper hand and knock Kara out.  She then leaves the plane to see where they landed. But Ward is there and immediately knocks her out with an icer.

The planes, with the real May piloting, land in Afterlife. We see that Gonzales is given a ‘secret weapon’. Oh dear. I’m not sure where this is going.


In Afterlife, Raina who tried to convince Gordon she must meet SHIELD, has the tables turned on her. It seems, Gordon isn’t so gullible and Jaiying says to keep her locked up.

Gonzales gets to Afterlife and Jaiying turns over Cal. Skye takes Cal outside to the SHIELD agents. Cal gets all mushy on the walk. Gonzales hands over the ‘contingency plan’ to Jaiying.

May and Skye meet and chat about objectivity and being too close to stay objective.


Gonzales has given Jaiying a Chinese set of coins fashioned into a necklace, he found in Whitehall’s office. It is meant to be a symbol of peace. He explains SHIELD’s goal, which is just to index InHumans and keep people safe. He thinks that SHIELD can get to know the InHumans and then just be ready if any of them goes berserk. Then Jaiying offers a piece of history of Inhumans.  A manufactured (from Diviners) blue crystal, which contains the Terrigen Mist; she drops it and kills Gonzales. Then she shoots herself with Gonzales gun runs outside and declares SHIELD tried to kill her and this means war. Hmm, I did not expect his.

Our parting shot is of Ward tying up Bobbi and explaining to Kara that revenge must be planned and work for.


Dossier Notes:

I’m not sure about Coulson needing a board to bounce things off of. That hasn’t worked very well with Fury and it was almost disastrous in the Battle of New York. We tried it back in the beginning and it’s just always odd to have backset drivers.

Well, it is of no help if no one acts like they intend! I must say, I certainly wouldn’t have believed that Raina was going to be on the side of right. Or that Gonzales would be offering a personal symbol in an attempt to truly keep the peace.

It looks as though the rule the Inhumans had about keeping personal relationships to minimum was a good one. A pity there leader didn’t see fit to follow it.

Always sedate Cal when taking him in.

Is there no way to get that magic mask off Agent 33? It has become tiresome to see her walking around as others!

I say fie to all this personal angst! Take a moment and then Walk It Off! We are SHIELD agents, angst when you are off the clock!

Do not take Ward at his word! You people are wishing you’d shot him in the head, don’t think he’s suddenly turned a new leaf!

Oberyn Martell recaps “Sons of the Harpy”-Game of Thrones Season 5, Episode 4

Oberyn Martell here, recapping all the foolishness in the Game of Thrones.

Hmmm, it’s not nice to hit a fisher man. But if you’re doing it in facilitate the kidnapping of Tyrion Lannister, I suppose it’s ok. Especially  for someone like Jorah Mormont.

Down south, Jamie and Bronn are busy sailing to my homeland, Dorne. Bronn’s mistaken though, we’re not crazy. Just passionate. We just realize the joy of fighting and fucking. Judging by Jaime’s open shirt and fighting reputation, he’s familiar with the idea. A shame I didn’t know Bronn better. I think we would have gotten along very well by doing a bit of both.

Their mission to save Myrcella Baratheon is understandable, especially since she is related to Jamie and Cersei. But Jamie still can’t utter the words of what Myrcella really is to him. Niece? If even Bronn knows that’s a deception, then what’s the point of further deluding yourself? When you have family, wherever they, whoever you are, you should acknowledge that and take them. Especially your children. Jamie has ignored his role for far too long. Though with a son like Joffrey, one understands.

Hmm, Jamie is no longer feeling quite so close to Tyrion, since the latter murdered their father. What is it with this family? I fathered eight children from various women, yet we are still family. But the Lannisters wind up not only fucking each other, then fucking each other over and then murder. Surprising that Tywin Lannister died at Tyrion’s hand. I would have liked to have seen that.

Small council

In King’s Landing, Cersei is busy cutting the Small Council down to size. But also bleeding money, still. Sending Mace Tyrell to negotiate with the Iron Bank is a desperate move, but I wonder if Cersei realizes how desperate.

Judging by how she’s attempting to bribe and/or align with the Sparrows, probably not. Her talks with the High Sparrow are manipulative, clumsy and reckless. After all, they’re a pious bunch and growing in numbers. But Cersei’s relationship with her brother is becoming common knowledge, along with Tommen’s true parentage, how might they react to Cersei eventually?

Ah, I see she’s pitting the Sparrows against Margaery Tyrell, through her beautiful brother Loras. For holy men, the Sparrows are particularly violent and driven. The smashing of wine barrels is ridiculous and wasteful, surely! But the wine is from King’s Landing, so probably swill. What a terrible way to treat the city streets of that dung heap, by letting their wine run down its streets. And then arresting Loras for the crime of lying with men? This city is filled with too many sober celibates, no wonder they’re so violently idiotic!  Worshiping the gods is fine, but one can carry it too far. Carving a symbol on your forehead in their name? Oh Lancel Lannister, you’ve fallen quite low. Things were so much better for you when you were fucking your cousin and plotting murder.

I imagine murder is high on Margaery’s mind after Loras is imprisoned. But she’s a very smart woman, who knows how to use her resources. And she’s a queen who has a freshly minted king. Having Tommen go to, what was it, “the dowager Queen”, won’t help matters, as Cersei, quite rightly, notes she had nothing directly to do with Loras’s imprisonment. Poor Tommen. Such a sweet boy, but hopelessly lost. It will be interesting to see how far Cersei will go with this game. She detests anyone else manipulating Tommen, but she has no problem doing it herself.

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 6.43.21 AM (2)

When Tommen does go to meet the High Sparrow to discuss Loras, the regular (Low?) Sparrows are not keen to let the King pass. Some of them yell “abomination”. Tommen backs down, despite his King’s Guard being willing to slaughter them all. He does not want violence. He would rather spend his days in bed with Magaery and drinking wine, which is a admittedly good goal. But you’re the King now boy. You don’t always get to do what you want. Sometimes you have to leave the fucking behind and do the fighting. Because if you won’t fight to free the queen’s brother, your bed will very lonely and cold.

At the Wall, Stannis is watching as Jon fights and trains. His wife is by his side, going on with nonsense of being no good to him for having birthed only a daughter. No wonder Westeros is such a cesspool, they can’t even be bothered to value their women. Luckily Melisandre comes along and notes that a daughter of a King is still a daughter of King. Quite right! She may be manipulative priestess who enjoys burning people alive, but Melisandre makes a good point…

Jon, now the Lord Commander, is busy signing letters. Leading is tedious. Far better to have a brother whose the King so you can spend your time fighting and fucking. That’s how to live!

Things get tricky as Sam places a letter meant for Roose Bolton before Jon. It’s a request for troops, which is being sent to all the Houses. But Bolton is the man who betrayed the Starks, resulting in Robb and Catelyn Stark’s death. To ask such a man for help must gall, but again, when you’re in charge, your own wishes are not always important.

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 6.44.34 AM (2)

Melisandre enters the chamber and Sam leaves. She asks Jon to ride to Winterfell with Stannis. After all, he knows it better than anyone. He refuses, citing his oath, so Mel offers herself to him, to remind him that he’s fighting for fucking. She says many words about the Lord of Light and other things, but really, it’s pretty straightforward: she promises sex in return for his allegiance. A lovely offer, but the price is high.

Luckily Jon is not so easily turned, again citing his vow and love for Ygritte. When she’s leaves, Melisandre says “you know nothing Jon Snow.” Ygritte said that often to him, when she was alive. It’s disturbing to hear it uttered by another. I am intrigued and would probably be tempted to have her at this point, if I wasn’t me and thus already had her.

Stannis’s daughter Shireen visits him in his chamber. She makes a bit of small talk but then gets to her main worry. She asks if Stannis is ashamed of her, because of the greyscale that has disfigured part of her face.

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 6.45.51 AM (2)

Stannis recounts the story of a trader who brought a doll to Dragonstone soon after Shireen was born. But the doll was burned in a short time once the greyscale appeared. Others advised Stannis to send her away, but he did not. He called in every maester that he knew and they managed to stop it, saving Shireen’s life. He reminds her that she did not belong anywhere but with him, for she is a princess and his daughter. She hugs and after a time, he hugs her back. Family is a powerful thing and the love of a child even more so. It is strange and wonderful to see that it affects even Stannis. Say what you will about Stannis, his lack of warmth and inability to get the people to love him. He does not forget family and stays true to them.

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 6.46.24 AM (2)

In the tunnels of Winterfell, Sansa is lighting candles to her ancestors. Baelish enters and finds her before the statue of Lyanna Stark, who was promised to Robert Baratheon. Sansa recalls the story of how Rhaegar Targaryan kidnapped and raped her, causing Robert to begin the rebellion that made him King. But Baelish looks thoughtful at that account and instead tells Sansa of an incident that occurred before the kidnapping. After winning a duel, Rhaegar rode right by his wife, my sister Elia Martel, and instead placed flowers in Lyanna Stark’s lap. The dog made his intentions and feelings clear. But those are not the actions of a man who would kidnap and rape someone. Hmmm.

They move on and talk more. He lets her know he’ll be going to King’s Landing because Cersei has summoned him and he doesn’t want to make the paranoid lady suspicious. Sansa is worried, she doesn’t want to be left alone with the family that murdered her’s. So Baelish reveals his plan: He believes Stannis will attack Winterfell, defeat the Boltons and unite the houses of the north to attack King’s Landing. Since Sansa is the last known Stark, she’ll be made Wardeness of the North, achieving a level of power she could only dream of.

But what if Stannis does not do that or he fails to take Winterfell? Baelish doesn’t see that as a problem, since Sansa can just seduce Ramsay. But does he know what a monster Ramsay is? It’s always hard to tell with Baelish, he has a very good poker face. Sansa is worried, but Baelish helps her steel her resolve. Then he kisses her lightly on the lips before leaving. I see he has more plans for the future!

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 6.47.22 AM (2)

Off the coast of Dorne, Bronn struggles to row while Jaime sits quietly and shrugs. A one-handed man isn’t very useful. But they manage to reach the shore and make camp for the night.

In the morning, Bronn appears to ready to stab Jamie, but instead strikes a snake that was near his head. They talk about how they would prefer to die. Bronn would like to go quietly, in his old age. Jaime would like to go in the arms of the woman he loves. Bronn asks if she wants the same thing. There is no answer, which is answer enough.

They start walking and come across Dornish soldiers on horseback. Facing poor odds, Bronn talks a good game and appears to give up, but instead surprise attacks. He kills three, while leaving one for Jaime, who barely manages to take him, and only by using his fake hand as a guard. Finally, a use for the damn thing! Perhaps he’ll stop moping around now.

They discuss burying the bodies. Jamie wants to hide them to avoid questions. Bronn doesn’t give a damn about them, but Jamie points out that dead bodies raise questions.

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 6.47.44 AM (2)

At another spot in Dorne, a rider returns to a camping site. It’s Elissa Sand and my daughters, the Sand Snakes. Elissa’s still fiery, attempting to avenge my supposed death. Quite right. As long as Lannisters are dead, and lose everything they have, the world will be wonderful place.

Ellaria is in no mood for my brother Doran’s desire for peace. She wants war and vengeance. My daugther Nymeria, mistress of the whip,  reveals the ship captain who sailed Bronn and Jamie to Dorne. He’s buried in the sand, with just his head showing. Ellaria asks if the three daughters are with her in getting vengeance. Nymeria and Tyene, who wields daggers,  immediately agree. But Obara, my oldest and master of the spear,  pauses and tells the story of when I came to claim my child. Her mother was tearful and did not want me to take her. But I threw down a spear and pointed to her mother and told Obara to choose her own path. It’s obvious which way she went, and it’s obvious when she’ll go in terms of vengeance. I could not prouder of them all! It’s definitely time for fighting!

Back on the stolen rowboat, Tyrion is trying to talk to Jorah, but being gagged presents a difficulty. So he begins humming annoyingly and the gag comes off. Jorah refuses to say who he is. Tyrion notes that they’re going the wrong if he’s to return to Cersei. Jorah informs them that he’s taking Tyrion to Queen Daenerys. Poor Jorah, still stuck on her.

Then Tyrion figures out who Jorah is and why he was kicked out from Daenerys court. He notes that Jorah’s scheme is a desperate one and there’s no guarantee that Daenerys will pardon Jorah for bringing her a Lannister. So Jorah smacks him. I understand the urge, the Imp can be so annoying, even when he’s right.

In Meereen, Ser Barristan tells Daenerys about Rhaegar Targaryen. Evidently he loved to walk among the common people and sing. He had a beautiful voice. Barristan would often be with him, for protection, but also to gather any money people would give. Sometimes they’d spend keep the money or spend it one wine. Again, Rhaegar doesn’t sound quite so bad, despite having betrayed my sister for the Stark woman. Then Daarios enters, mentioning that people are waiting to plead their case before her, so off she goes.

Hizdahr zo Loraq is there, again pleading for the opening of the fighting pits. Daenerys is still against it. She sees it as inhuman, but it’s one of the few things the former masters and slaves of Meereen both want. People do love their sports and having an outsider deny this to them only inflames things. She still has so much to learn. Unlike Tommen, she has the will to put what she wants first, but in this case, she is terribly mistaken.

For throughout the city, Sons of the Harpy gather. Then they enter a market and begin killing people. The Unsulied rush to the scene, where they’re led into a trap by a woman. It’s a slaughter, with the Unsullied being gruesomely defeated. They may be excellent fighters, but overwhelming numbers can still kill a force.

The trapped Unsullied fight hard, but their numbers dwindle. Eventually it’s gets down to several against Greyworm, who’s badly wounded. Ser Barristan arrives in time to help hold of the Harpies off, but he himself is badly wounded. He saves Greyworm, but at the cost of his own life.


I have seen many battles, but this one was truly bloody. That it occurred in Meereen, the seat of Daenerys powers doesn’t bode well. If she can’t rule a single city, then there will be no Seven Kingdoms for her.

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 6.48.42 AM (2)

Musings over wine…

Daenerys does seem to collect helpful men. I look forward to Tyrion meeting her. Perhaps he can teach her how to use her power?

Ellaria Sand, I do love her passion. I am thrilled to see her with my daughters. But will they truly be able to skirt my brother’s wishes? Won’t it be wonderful to see them fight Bronn and Jaime? Will they remember my gifts of poison?

I have thought there were many in the kingdom as dangerous as myself. But Littlefinger has a lust for power that makes him quite dangerous. What will he do when he returns to Kinds Landing and his religiously ruined brothel? 

Though I am reveling in seeing Cersai make a terrible mess of her pitiful kingdom, I begin to look forward to her downfall. I hope it is spectacular. 

Agent Carter reviews Agents of SHIELD ep. “The Dirty Half Dozen”

Hello- Agent Carter here SHIELD, formerly my SSR, is in a pickle. Different factions, powered people, vengeance and Ward. I’m not sure how things will turn out. Let’s have a look…

Raina wakes from her nightmare

Raina wakes from her nightmare

We see flashing images of destruction and wounded people. Of Gordon. Of Lincoln. Raina wakes from a dream, that is a premonition of destruction. Still, she doesn’t realize what she’s seen. Though she may soon know…