The fun and glory of Pacific Rim

If you have haven’t seen Pacific Rim yet, we just want to know what’s wrong with you. Seriously, stop reading this post right now and go see this film! It’s directed and co-written by Guillermo del toro of Hellboy fame and he’s outdone himself this time with maushed up love letter to Godzilla and anime.

Check out this featurette about the incredible sets they built for the movie. Then go see the movie, how many times do we have to tell you?!


Armature gone bad

This was a basic test of building a wire armature, putting clay on it and then doing a short walk animation. Well that was the idea, but it quickly became obvious that the armature was too strong (braided 16 gauge steel) and the clay too soft (the cheapest thing on the art store shelf). So…

“We should totally do something like that!”

It was at some point while watching the  stop motion film Paranorman  that Sheala, perhaps mentally fizzing over from movie theater candy,  exclaimed “we should totally do something like that.” Brandon and Lisa, definitely giddy from buter flavored grease, er popcorn, exclaimed “Yeah!” After the film was over,  everyone discussed the themes, plot, characters and techniques and…