Day Seven, it’s not a boy name Kevin!

Sheala: “Joe thought, I’ll get my revenge on the spiders! This mecha is just the thing!”

(I’m enjoying the ambiguity of this drawing since spiders and flies are both villainous)



Brandon: boy ninjas vs girl ninjas. Why? Because. Also, getting back to my love of simple forms and think lines.


A guarded post about what’s next

We’ve slept and rested and eaten, along with plotted and planned about what to do next. The answer came with a certain movie trailer which captured our attention and wrestled it to the ground like it was an unruly teenager:

Guardians of the Galaxy, due in August, is a totally unexpected and exciting bit of story. There’s a talking raccoon with gun and his pal is walking tree. Who are these people, what are they doing, where did they come from and how do they fit in with the rest of the Marvel Universe?! Over chocolate cookies, we’re sketching and storyboarding the answers!

Mr. ink and cookie Mr. Pink and Guardian storyboards