What Doreen thinks-Helix episode: “Plan B”

Doreen happy mugshotDoreen here again, telling you what’s what with the crazy a-holes I used to work with. I’m dead now, killed off in season one by Sergio for no good reason, other than being smart and having a personality. Screw you Serg.
I’m gonna skip over the testing of the poisonous gas on a monkey, ’cause really who needs to relive that? All we need to know is that there’s gas, it kills everything it touches and military is getting lots of it. But what the fuck does this show have against monkeys? Also don’t give the military all the barrels! Seriously it’s in a liquid that turns into a gas so it’s like 10 times as much as we see! It belongs in an Indiana Jones warehouse!

Look at all these neat containers!

Look at all these neat containers!

What Doreen Thinks about Episode Nine of Helix-Ectogenesis

Doreen happy mugshotDoreen the kickass, but dead, scientist here again! I’m still keeping an eye on my ridiculous co-workers after being killed off in season one. What’re you going to do, the afterlife isn’t that interesting and you can’t be completely fulfilled by looking at people in showers 24/7. Plus I really want to know what the hell this Narvik virus is and find out if the crazy, but secret, immortals of the the Ilaria Corporation will mange to kill off most of humanity and rule the leftovers in some weird ass paradise. Plus immortals are super hot. But assholes!

What Doreen thinks about episode 8 of Helix-Vade in Pace

Yep, it's DoreenDoreen here again! You may or may not remember me from the first four episodes of season one. I was the smart lady scientist who wasn’t interested in boning the team lead Alan. So naturally I was killed off, what with being smart and having a personality. Now I’m just hanging around in the  afterlife, watching my highly educated, yet dumb ass CDC co-workers bumble around on the crazy cult island in Season 2.

Agent Carter: Episode 7- SNAFU

In case you kids didn’t know- SNAFU means Situation Normal, All Fracked Up. Except you know fracked is a 2000’s word! So they may have used a very unladylike word in its place…

Speaking of SNAFU- we open in Russia during World War II, with the good Doctor Ivchenko. He is summoned to use his psychological powers to help a wounded soldier feel no pain. Imagine that perfect day in the park, playing chess with dear mother…Now let’s cut off your leg…

Listen closely to the sound of my voice and ignore the doctors…