Daily Art 178-Time to celebrate!

It’s break day, but here’s a recent conversation we had:

Sheala: Hey DC! We got a Q to trade. Whatcha got?

Brandon: Do we want a Q?

Sheala: He’s all powerful and fun! You got room for one of those guys! Also we can throw in beaming technology. We just wanna borrow Batman for a while.

Also can we check out Superman’s Fortress?

Brandon: Um, Batman never returns any of our calls during the day.

Superman has a fortress?! That little…?!

Lex is interested in your beaming technology.

Also the Riddler is inquiring about the halo deck, for experiments.

Joker wants to know if Data can come out and play.

Sheala: Uh yea. The Fortress is sonic and crystal technology and we kinda run on that.

Sure Riddler can check it out he’ll have to wear a ID chip is all. Should we tell him about the safety protocols?

Data is always looking to make new friends. He’s totally cool with that. Worf says he wants to meet Aquaman. Something about a facial hair tips exchange.

Brandon: Aquaman can’t spend a lot of time outside, so…

Sheala: We got some water tech. No problem.

Brandon: Lex would also like to schedule a meeting with the Borg, to see about a mutually  benefical alliance.

Sheala: Also we got a couple of doctors would love to chat with Harlequin.

Uh. Wait. Sorry. That Borg thing is a deal breaker. No way. End transmission.

Brandon: The Joker says he’ll set the safety protocols after checking out the bridge. Something about “new toys”.

Sheala: Hello? Uh. Yea. We are not negotiable on the Borg thing. So tell the Joker sorry!

Brandon: He insists!

Sheala: Fine fine. Tell him he has to wear a red shirt. We’ll meet him on the planet surface.

So. We’re totally gonna make this Saturday’s post right?

Brandon: Hee hee, ok!

Fear Names!

Naturally the announcement that the Walking Dead spinoff will be called Fear the Walking Dead prompted riffing!

Brandon: Fear the Walking Dead

Sheala: Right?

Brandon: why not Poke the Walking Dead? Or Tickle TWD? Jesus

Sheala: Yell at the walking dead about God!!

Brandon: Better call Merle

Sheala: Ha!

Take Photos of the Walking Dead for the Calendar.

Picnic with the walking dead!

Brandon: Beauty & The Walking Dead

Sheala: The Cat and the Hat and the Walking Dead

Brandon: Star Wars VII: The Walking Dead Awakens

The Golden Dead Girls

Sheala: Avengers: Age of the Walking Dead

Heh. Golden girls

Brandon: Little Walker on the Prairie  Sheala: Heh

Pulp Walking dead

Brandon: TWD of Hazzard

Sheala: Wahahahajabaha. Like that car commercial

Edited to add further deep conversation about this important subject:

Sheala: Baking with The Walking Dead? Iron Dead Chef!

Ferris Beuller’s Dead Day off.

Brandon: Bwahahaha! Hell’s Kitchen indeed

All in the Dead Family

Sheala: Heh. With the same recliner


Dealing with THOSE new zombies eating in the same neighborhood

dead Friends

MASH set in the zombie war

Sheala: Heh. That could work sort of zombie land mash

Driving Miss Dead

Brandon: 2001: A Zombie Odyssey

Sheala: Wahahahajabaha

Brandon: Whole new meaning to Miracle pn 34th Street

Sheala: Hahaha! Also Rosebud is now an ax!

Brandon: OMG

Daily Art 1

We’ve decided to make more art! So we’ve made a list of topics- one for each month to draw, create etc. some sort of daily art. We will take a day off each week for catch-up and other projects etc. January’s topic is pirate/ninja/alien/villain.


Brandon’s story excerpt: “The Octo Men of the Southern Seas were gentle people, who sailed the Seven Seas in search of new art materials for their works.”



Sheala says: ‘it’s all in the claws and the agility.’


Clearing the Air with Smaug

The last film in Peter Jackson’s Hobbit trilogy opens this Wednesday (or Tuesday night if you’re hardcore). Naturally, stars of the film are making rounds on the talk show circuit, including the greatest of all the Wyrms, Smaug. The Colbert Report caught up with him in between books and feasting on elves.   Brandon: I wonder…

We got your Thanksgiving right here

Sheala: What if it had been robots instead of Indians here?? Brandon: Robots wouldn’t share their corn, vegetables or wild turkey, because they wouldn’t have any! Maybe energy generators? Sheala: What if they pretended to be friendly like the Europeans? And what if the robots saw a use in people as repair techs or slaves? Brandon: What if the…