cat battle


octopusleaderSheala here-

I am an only child; this makes me a brat, able to amuse myself (and not be bored) and also not a great teammate. Before the start of the Plaidworks collaboration, I would have said, “nope I’m a lone wolf, couldn’t possible work on creative endeavors with other people.” This doesn’t mean I wouldn’t hang out with other artists, just that I couldn’t imagine the idea of a group effort. The problem with being a solo act, is large projects LOOM VERY LARGE.

One on my life long goals has been to animate, Stop-motion animation in particular. Brandon and I got to be friends (thanks Lisa!) and realized we both had this lifelong goal. So a team was tentatively formed. It was delicate, ready to fade away, until humor cemented it firmly as A THING THAT MUST BE DONE. It started with that octopus meme you see up there. Brandon posted it on his facebook page, I made a silly comment about how it need dressing up. Brandon posted the altered meme (below) on my page, we told a quick story about it, made friends groan and the collaboration of the Plaidworks was born.Octopusleader2

The great thing about this Octopus meme is that it is also the start of the Cat Battle. You may have noticed the new Playroom page. That is all about the Cat Battle AKA the back and forth idea battles that happen between Brandon and Sheala. How it starts is: one of us throws out a crazy idea, photo, video. The other person responds, by trying to top it, add to it, retaliate with a similar idea or something like that. The REALLY GREAT thing about a Cat Battle, is that it is often the birth place of an IDEA OF MERIT, that must be explored further. Enjoy and welcome to the Catdome.


Brandon here

Having started off as a loner, then taken part in several collaborative efforts that started well, then crashed and burned, this particular project was met with glee, yet extreme caution. As another only child, I was weary of bumping heads yet again and doing that thing known as sharing and compromising. But the octopus  and cat battles  have been too much fun and conversations have gelled well.

So, let the good times roll, upwards and onwards!