Bending paper to our will

The GoT recap project called for puppets. A LOT of puppets. As in “I never realized just how many characters Game of Thrones has” lot. So we had to put our shoulder (or tentacle, we’re not specist here) to the grindstone and get to work.

Here’s how we made the various puppets, using Margaery Tyrell as example:

1. Since Margaery would be appearing with Joffrey in a scene and Sheala had already created him, Brandon traced the outline of the little weasel so Margaery proportions would be similar.  Then he lightly sketched in details to give the figure definition. Note how arms are drawn away from the body, so we can cut out, assemble and attach them later. Doing it this way ensures that no vital parts are cut off, like certain early mistakes we’re not going to mention again.



2. Then  ink the basics with a Micron pen, size 03.



3. Further inking is done, to add details.



4. Then light washes of watercolor are applied.



5. And so on, to build up the color.



6. After the paint dries, another thicker inked outline (Micron pen 08) is applied to the figure and arms.



7. Then everything is cut out.



8. After cutting out the arms, we aasemble the upper and lower parts with brads.

step08 step09


9. Attach arms to body, then pose with the figure with her creepy soon-to-be husband to be and start animating!