Daily Art 365- ok! put it in the archive!

Sheala- On Rudy’s Escape and PlaidWorks Anniversary Day, they get the old plane out and have a parade!last daily art 2015
Brandon-At the end of every year, everyone piles into the old ship and head out for a nice long vacation. The smaller creatures always jostle for space at the top of the mast!


Daily Art 361- Watch out for that blowgun!

Sheala- Make a Crazy Vehicle Day was a big deal at the factory. People were allowed to use any factory supplies to build a vehicle then they were races! The winner got an awesome prize.  


Brandon-Hunting Day was always an exciting time for the hamsters. They’d wake early, mount their rabbit steeds, ready the water bears and review the important details of the Wild Celery. Then, on with the hunt!


Daily Art 354-Don’t open that Drawer!!!

So here it is- the last of the last! We can’t believe we’ve made it this far. We invite to check out our Exit Thoughts (coming January 1st!) and for our last topic we bring you:

The PlaidWorks Weird Holiday Mash-Up

We wanted to get back into our PlaidWorks Factory characters again and we wanted to have a little holiday fun.
Sheala- the Flying Monkey Squad always celebrates International Vest Day. It is their uniform of choice.


Brandon-The bots loved Imitation Day and especially liked having ears. For once.