Agents of Shield Season 2, Episode 5 recap-A Hen in the Wolf House

Kyle MacLachlan as Skye’s anger management challenged dad

Let’s kick things off with a fancy Navy wedding reception! Everyone is having a ball, until the champagne arrives and then things go all black. Literally, the skin around their mouthes changes black and the best man falls over, all in a manner similar to what happens when most people touch the alien looking obelisk that’s been guest starring a lot this season. Not a good wedding sign! Turns out it was a Hydra mission, which evidently failed because it only killed some people instead of everyone at the wedding who was part of a Navy task force to hunt Hydra. Don’t invite Hydra to weddings! Unless they are red!Must have been the catering wing of the secret organization! What would they even call that business? Hydra Food 4 You?

SHIELD hears about the incident on the news and wants to help. Coulson says no, because he’s very focused on other things, like his new carving hobby. Anyway, the military is kinda busy on lock down with that situation and wants no help.

philcarvingThen Skye starts questioning Coulson on the mysterious writings he’s tasked her with finding the meaning of. Coulson himself has been carving the symbols and blithely skips around the chat. He rebuffs the questions and lays down the law about who’s in charge. It’s that kinda meeting!

Cut to darkened room as Skye’s Dad (who she doesn’t know is alive) is fixing up a couple of rednecks. (Doctor Dad!) Then there’s an interruption. Its Raina! She wants to borrow the obelisk. SkyeDad says no, but wants to know who’s looking for the thing. Turns out it’s Dr. Whitehall (played by a scarily studious Reed Diamond), a high ranking Hydra member, who’s been around since WWII yet has still managed to retain his youthful good looks. What’s your secret doctor?! Raina starts begging the obelisk, clearly terrified of what Whitehall will do if she doesn’t bring it to my, but SkyeDad (Kyle Maclachlan doing a great creepy impression) is adamant about not lending out his favorite possession out. (and he seems familiar with Whitehall!) He kicks her out of his grungy surgery room, but not before saying that Skye’s name isn’t Skye.  If it’s Meadow, we’re gonna have fits! (I’m hoping for Daisy!)

Over to Simmons in the secret Hydra lab in the busy downtown district! She’s working hard with her lab partner, then evil lackey Sunil Bakshi summons them to a meeting. Just like high school! Say hello to Dr.  Whitehall and his nifty PowerPoint presentation! Well okay we only see one slide, but it’s a good looking slide, what template were they using? Simmons gets called on to review the data and does a good job of noting that this new technology could kill millions (or billions!) of people. Her lab partner thinks that’s pretty cool. Simmons, be worried about quarterly progress reviews!

Back to SHIELD base. Fitz and FakeSimmons admire Mac’s admittedly impressive physique. Or rather FakeSimmons is, but she’s part of his subconscious, well… We’re not judging, just wondering what who’s liking who here!

Seems Fitz is still struggling with RealSimmons being gone. And he’s clear on FakeSimmons being his Jiminy Cricket. Dude, quit moping! Meanwhile Hunter and Skye discuss the mysterious symbol writing she’s been investigating, while admiring the painting and discussing Lance’s crazy ex. Lance encourages her to press Coulson for more information, just to be irritating!

But first! A chat in the basement with the imprisoned Ward, where he admits Raina was his source for knowledge about Skye’s dad.  She doesn’t believe him. It’s the problem of being a traitor, no one believes you anymore! Skye switches topics, asking what he knows about the strange symbols. Ward notes whenever the writing appears, bad things happen. Remember Garrett? He went cuckoo for cocoa puffs after starting to write it. Thanks for the help there, Ward!

Raina pops by the secret Hydra offices! They must have an obvious hydra sign. Like on their uniforms. No? She spots Simmons, who’s busy giving an intel report to SHIELD on her lunch break. This can’t be good. But those fish tacos do look tasty!

Skye confronts Coulson about his carving habits, which he admits started after he saw the symbols Garrett had been drawing. Then it turns out he and May have been monitoring her to see if she would go crazy, like Garrett did and Coulson may be doing, after seeing the writing (someone asked the question we’ve been wondering!). They think she might be an alien, which Skye doesn’t handle well, which we can’t blame her for. Thanksgiving dinner would be so awkward! That whole conversation gets interrupted by a phone call from Raina, who’s wants a meeting with Coulson, right now!

bobbiemorseSecret Hydra lab again! Hydra knows there’s mole! Alarms sound, Bakshi and a stern looking dark haired woman walk in for employee testing. She’s the security chief! She know there’s a mole and is gonna find out who it is! Much questioning ensues as various guards start rooting through employee desks. As Simmons stammers, her lab partner’s desk is searched and the transmitter she used earlier is discovered. He’s carted off, leaving her safe!

Now there’s a fancy restaurant with mood lighting! Raina flirts, but Coulson gets down to business, wanting to know where the obelisk is. Raina’s more curious how Hydra would feel if they found out that Simmons is a spy. Coulson isn’t pleased and it’s not just about the watered down drinks and crappy appetizers! Raina tries to bargain for Skye coming with her to meet Dad in exchange for her not giving up Simmons to Hydra. It’s a standoff, with Raina pushing all sorts of emotional buttons about Skye being stolen from Dad and him spending decades looking for her. Skye’s in the kitchen with May holding her back. May notes Coulson has a plan, so he can call Raina’s bluff.

Coulson turns down the deal! Raina’s face drops! Then she starts begging for Coulson to reconsider. No deal. The jig is up and a photo of Simmons sending a report to SHIELD is sent to every Hydra agent in the secret building! All of her coworkers start staring at her. The office rumor mill is gonna be bonkers!

Thus begins the chase, with Simmons heading down a hall as Hydra agents follow in hot pursuit. Suddenly she’s cornered with agents at one end and the security chief and other agents at the other.  Uh oh.

But not in the way you think! The Security chief suddenly stabs her Hydra agents, then whips out two batons and completely lays out the others. Say hello to Bobbi Morse, an undercover agent sent in by Coulson to back up Simmons! May has a new kick ass buddy! She continues laying Hydra agents out, while telling Simmons to head for the roof where the extraction team is waiting for them.

Back to Raina freaking out over Coulson seemingly letting an agent die. She admits that she’s scared of Skye’s Dad and Whitehall. Then Coulson flips the script, has Lance inject her with a tracking chip and announces she’s the bait for SHIELD getting to Whitehall. Nice one Phil! Remember to get a doggie bag!

Simmons is on the roof but there’s no extraction team! Bobbi joins her and then they jump off the roof. Bakshi is gonna be in so much trouble! Luckily there’s an invisible Quinjet underneath Bobbi and Simmons. With Trip piloting! We’re getting the band back together!

The newly tagged Raina hits the streets, with SHIELD monitoring her. Skye’s on the street too, working solo. ‘Cause the chance to meet Dad is irresistible. Plus she couldn’t stand the heat, so she got out of the kitchen! She wanders around dark, creepy hallways and finds…a photo in a cheap frame! Seriously, WTH, did they blow the budget on the Quinjet special effects?

Then Coulson creeps up behind her and… comforts her. But there’s a secret camera recording the moment. Creepy SkyeDad!

May scouts the building, find the dead bodies of the rednecks from the beginning of the episode. SkyeDad has serious anger issues. And lots of green lighting!

The SHIELD plane returns, Simmons is all smiles, Bobbi joins the team and it’s time to Simmons say hi to Fitz. It’s a tad awkward. Now it’s like two kicked puppies!

Bobbi and Mac catch up, then Hunter enters the room. Turns out his ex is Bobbi! Always good to work with the ex you’ve been badmouthing to your coworkers. And she vouched for his spot on the team. Fun times!

Coulson and Skye talk, with Skye demanding that Coulson, her boss, be totally honest with her from now on. Demanding much? But he agrees and then reveals what he’s been carving, which Skye now thinks is a map!

The final scene has SkyeDad walking into Whitehall’s office! Kills Guards! Puts the obelisk on the table! He calls it by it’s special name- The Diviner. He agrees to teach Whitehall  how to use it. Why would he do that? So he and Whitehall can team up to kill Coulson (dad jealousy) and pretty much everyone else. New BFFs!

Did we enjoy this episode? Damn skippy. This season is Agents of Shield is on fire! The series has hit the ground running since the first episode and hasn’t let up at all. The plotting is tight, the characters interesting and the story lines are relentlessly entertaining. The action is on target and the show doesn’t feel like Heroes or CSI anymore. We are definitely building to bigger and better stories and developing character arcs. Ward is still creepy! SkyDad is green with jealousy!

New Rules for the Agents Handbook:

Don’t make Skye’s Dad angry. You wouldn’t like him when he’s angry.

Have multiple double agents!

Don’t talk smack about your ex!

Bring your QuinJet with you for all rescues.

If you’re a free agent know things! Like hidden office locations and secret company emails!

Next week, a bunch of other things happen, but most importantly the first trailer for Avengers: Age of Ultron will premiere!