Agents of SHIELD Season 2, Episode 9: We Built This City…

We open on Skye running around a mysterious compound. Hmmm. It seems dream like as she pops into another room. Did she eat bad Thai food before bed? Then there’s a music box tinkling and Coulson goes to touch it, but Skye says ‘don’t’! Now there’s a baby with Coulson and May and talk of poisoned fruit and trees and sacrifices and they leave the baby on the table. Skye touches the music box and turns to stone.

Wake up Skye! Coulson says they are here. Meanwhile on the ground, Mac is toying with a mini-Lola. MINI LOLA!!! He bumps into Fitz, who wants help giving stuff to Simmons, Mac says ‘you’re gonna have to talk to her eventually…’ Mac notes Bobbi and Hunter getting along and mutters about an oncoming storm! Not just a mechanic, but a relationship adviser!

Simmons is checking Trip out after his bullet wound last episode and says he got lucky. Seeing Trip’s abs again means we get lucky! We finally get the gang together and get briefed! We are going to San Juan, Puerto Rico! The city seems to be underwater, with only one above ground entrance. The mission is to get there, get access to a temple that houses the entrance and blow that sucker up. Nobody gets into the city!

200px-Billy_KoenigCut to Raina in Vancouver, looking great as her and new friend pause for a tea break. Then she notices May and comments about being tracked, but it’s Anti-May (aka Agent 33 with the cool tech to make her look like May) and boy does she look fried. Uh-oh Hydra is about to nab Raina! Luckily the Koenigs lead her to safety! And they have a cool umbrella!!! Raina gets a lanyard! Can I get a lanyard!?

Back on the Bus, Ward’s folks’ murder is looking suspicious. But who has time for that? Now we have to split up and get Raina and look at the City. So Skye doesn’t get to go to the City. (Coulson is secretly happy to not mix Skye and SkyeDad)

Simmons is going through gear and she and Bobbi have a heart to heart about what happened with Fitz and FEELINGS! So many FEELINGS!! Except Simmons doesn’t have those type of feeling for Fitz and that makes things awkward. Where are you Mac, we need you?!

Coulson and Skye hug as they say goodbye. That’s not suspicious!

Agent MacMac chides Bobbi for getting back on a roller coaster ride with Hunter. She rolls her eyes and admits it’s a helluva ride and then tells him to back off. He does, but then questions her about bringing Hunter in on that “other thing”. Cue mystery as Bobbi says no and she’s prefer to keep Hunter out of it. That’s totally suspicious!

Hunter and Sam drop a Hydra guy on the way to meet up with Billy and Raina. Skye gets to Raina and they leave just as fakeMay/Agent 33 shows up. And Skye surprisingly holds her own until the very end (May is the teacher we all want), then Hunter gives her a hand.

Bobbi and Coulson stroll through San Juan checking out hats. Coulson strolls! In jeans! Bobbi notes how Coulson is cucumber cool and how he needs to have a damage plan. And he says he’s got Simmons to control the damage. She notes with Hydra you might need a shotgun, not a scalpel. He says, ‘that’s why I brought you!’ Cue bashful smile from Bobbi as she (and we) sigh about how badass she is.

Mac and FitzSimmons are getting the gear and Mac’s all “I gotta leave the tension-y cargo hold”. Simmons tries to explain to Fitz why she left to go to Hydra, but Fitz interrupts her and says he’s turning the lab over to her and going to help Mac in the garage. He’d rather work for her and not with her. Simmons gets teary eyed but doesn’t say anything as Fitz walks away. So many feelings!

Back in Vancouver, Raina and Skye chat about the Diviner, while waiting for Hunter and May to pick them up. Raina is all, ‘it’s your destiny‘ to touch the Diviner Skye, because like Raina, it won’t kill her. Then Skye drops the knowledge that Whitehall has the Diviner and Raina tries to jump ship! May stops her by running down the Hydra agents with the van. Isn’t she the best?!

The Koenigs have a chat with Trip. They joke about there being 13 Koenigs as Trip nervously tries to figure out what their deal is! We hope they’re telling the truth, because the world needs more Koenigs!

May and Coulson chat about Raina, while Mac and Fitz and Simmons discuss the Puerto Rican folk tales about the City caves and opening. Then Fitz sends out the dwarf drones but they only stay working for a few moments.

On the Bus, Raina and Sky chat about SkyeDad being misunderstood. Raina says she and SkyeDad met in Thailand where he helped get her off the streets. She tries to make nice with Skye about being ‘special’. And mentions blue Angels her ancestors called Kree, who left the Diviner to show the worthy the way to the temple. The unworthy should leave their last wills before visiting. And Mac is going down the tunnel…Skye wants to warn Coulson, but they seem to be on the Sprint network!

AND OH YEAH, Whitehall found them and surrounded the Bus ’cause he wants Raina. Thanks  a lot Ward, for letting on that Raina had a tracking device implanted by SHIELD!

Ward gets on the Bus, courtesy of Hydra Quinjets, takes Rainna and tells Skye to come along too. May and Skye discuss this and May loses. Raina reminds her to bring the tablet with the city map. Isn’t she helpful!?

Meanwhile Mac is doing that thing you shouldn’t do but that everyone does in alien technology situations: touching stuff! Per usual, it’s doesn’t go well as something he touches starts to glow, then he starts screaming in pain and when they pull him up, he goes a little red Hulk on the others.

He sends Coulson flying across the room and he and Bobbie start mixing it up. Bobbi loses! Nothing seems to stop Mac, as he’s suddenly super strong and seemingly invulnerable. Fitz is almost forced to shoot him with real bullets but Bobbi electrocutes him with her battle staves and he falls into the tunnel. Coulson orders the tunnel sealed with Mac in it. He notes, that’s not Mac anymore. But who is it?!

The final shot is Agent 33 in the limo with Whitehall, apprising him of the situation. He’s curious about Skye, but annoyed the Bus wasn’t shot down. Agent 33 calls to make sure that is fixed…

OMG! We liked this episode! There’s so much great stuff happening and unraveling! Raina just gets more and more interesting, it’s great to see Ming Na playing the evil transporter version of herself and Coulson, again, stepping up to make the tough calls. There’s a bit of moving forward on FitzSimmons and their changed relationship. Plus shirtless Trip! We would never have believed Mac would be such a huge threat. We can hardly believe that we only have 1 episode left for the first half of the season…

Speculations and Ponderings… 

Bobbie and Mac have a “thing” going. No, not a relationship thing, but a mysterious thing that Mac was wondering if Bobbi was going to pull Lance into. Bobbie said no and that she’d prefer he not know about “the thing”. What is it?

The first thought is that they’re working for Hydra, because infiltrating groups seems to be Hydra’s thing. But nobody wants to imagine Mac and Bobbi as part the evil group that wants to  take over the world. So maybe it’s another thing, some other con or game? Mac hinted that Agent Hartley (killed in episode one of this season) was part of the the thing so perhaps…aw shoot I got nothing.

But Mac did sourly note that “a storm is coming” upon seeing Lance and Bobbi being more friendly. So evidently the two have an explosive relationship, never mind the secret, non-relationship thing that Bobbi and Mac are keeping from Lance.

Skye’s dream had Coulson and May behaving as parents, yet leaving a baby behind. The imagery is obvious, with Skye being the baby. But she also turns to stone when touching the Diviner. So is that dream an actual premonition or just a messed up dream based on Skye’s then faulty understanding of the Diviner (i.e. everyone who touches it dies)?

It was interesting to hear SHIELD reach out to Agent 33 and offer to help her during the fight.  Does that mean they could fix the damage to her face? Can they undo the brainwashing enough to make a trustworthy agent of SHIELD?

What are the Koenigs brothers? First there was just Eric, who was killed by Ward. Then there was Billy, his identical twin. Now there’s a Sam to go with the Billy, which would mean they were triplets, right? But my inner nerd screams Life Model Decoy , which is a concept from Marvel comics, but the show itself is being coy about situation. It’s so statistically unlikely to get identical triplets; could they be clones if not LMDs? Either way, we love the idea of multiple Koenigs running around.

Fitz and Simmons, a thing or not a thing? Simmons says she never thought of him that way. But she can’t imagine her life without him and is still processing Fitz’s declaration. So there’s a chance maybe perhaps? But Simmons and Trip seem to have a connection, so who knows? The chief wondering is whether Fitz and Simmons can find a way to way to work together again. And there was a moment in the tunnel… All signs point to yes, so yay!

What’s so special about Raina and Skye? Raina says they’re human but with potential, almost like the M word that we can’t use. Skye’s dad seems superhero and her mom was also special in that she was long lived. So it’s a genetic thing, based down from parent to child, right? These special people have the capacity to become superhuman if they touch the Diviner or do something in the temple? Inquiring geeky minds want to know!

Finally, what does happen when you place a Diviner in the temple of hidden alien city? Magic Eight-ball says something bad. What happens if someone who is divined worthy places the Diviner in the temple? Magic Eight-ball says something super alien magic fun.

New Rules for the Agent Handbook:

Bobbi’s sticks have Electric power! Like Widow’s Bracelets!

QUIT TOUCHING STUFF!! What is this Helix? Prometheus?!

Don’t keep all your info on one tablet. I hope there’s City info in the cloud!

Ward can say whatever he wants, you still can’t trust Hydra to not to shoot you.

Raina runs a good con.

You need a lanyard!

When you’re in the field, bring the umbrella!

Keep Sam Koenig away from May!