Agents Of Shield- S2e11- Aftershocks

Agent Carter here- let’s see what’s become of my splendid SSR operation now known as SHIELD.

Hmmm. There certainly is a lot going on outside of SHIELD. Skye’s mother worked to help the gifted, including this eyeless fellow we saw grown up in modern times previously. Interesting power, we could have used it to decrease travel costs! So there’s alien technology too. As if Stark’s tech wasn’t enough! Hopefully the aliens aren’t so childish despite being a genius. My oh my, we’ve taken on a lot to deal with.

Skye's immortal comforting a teenage eyeless teleporter, because this is that kind of show!

Skye’s immortal comforting a teenage eyeless teleporter, because this is that kind of show!

This Coulson fellow has some moxy, the Chief would have liked him. His team is pretty great too, May certainly has promise and she can boss a punching bag around! Oh and I see we’ve updated our science team. And it’s run by a young woman! We have come a long way. They can even manage without electrics in those alien caverns. And there’s an odd inhuman alien called Raina. She’s very cranky and lethal, reminds me of Dottie.

Hydra? I thought we got rid of these damned idiots? And now they will have a little contest to kill SHIELD for Whitehall’s job? Will these inane incentive plans ever end?!

There’s nothing like an explosion to shake up the team. And a death. But it’s always the aftershocks that can really start tearing things and teams apart. Pity. I would have liked this Tripp, he sounds like a good agent. Clearly, no one has much faith in Coulson as a leader and that makes Skye nervous, which makes things shaky.

So Coulson decides to trade this Bakshi person to this military general, Talbot. Never trust military Coulson, they’re just so unimaginative and pigheaded. It goes rather badly, but May does admirably well. Of course, it was all an act to allow Bakshi to lead them to others. Coulson and May turn out to be quite the hams!

Coulson and May ham it up for a gullible Bakashi

Coulson and May ham it up for a gullible Bakashi

Much like Skye’s dad, who is clearly high on the maniac scale. Though nowhere near as nice, what with the way he treats Raina when she tries to get help from him. He refuses and is quite overjoyed to hear that his daughter also transformed. She’s quite despondent at looking like an uncanny creature from a pulp comic. Poor dear, she always wore the nicest dresses, but that seems out now. He tells Raina to help herself. Even if it’s just to death. He seems quite invigorated to wreak some havok. Fellows of this type are why we hope for heroes like Steve.

Meanwhile, Fitz has terrible bedside manner as he figures out Skye’s the cause of the destruction. She’s understandably quaking in her shoes. I mean Simmons wants to eradicate the alien threat and now Fitz is rambling. No wonder she gets stressed out and some of that new power leaks out. SHIELD might need a lot of light bulbs in stock.

Skye reacts to Fitz's terrible bedside manner. Clearly more training is needed for everyone!

Skye reacts to Fitz’s terrible bedside manner. Clearly more training is needed for everyone!

I must say the plan of Coulson’s sure worked a treat. Most of those Hydra higher ups kill each other off and Bobbi and Hunter kill the rest. Except for Bakshi ’cause a deal is a deal!

Well, so much for the local snake problem

Well, so much for the local snake problem

Poor little Raina tries to walk into traffic and the cars neatly avoid her and SHIELD finally pulls up. She asks for death and promises to make them kill her, but then our eyeless friend shows up in a blue electrical field. That’s nifty, it seems to transport between time and space! He calls her beautiful and then takes her away.


Hello gorgeous!




Well, thank god Fitz’s sense of teamwork has finally taken hold. This chap seems to have a bit of Jarvis to him.  I am glad he’s stepping up to help Skye until everyone calms down. A little white lie, will help in the long run I think. Just don’t let it run too long Fitz, it could create problems with your co-workers!

Uh-oh, Coulson needs to be careful of his team, it seems Mac and Bobbi are scheming to get their hands on the Fury tool kit left to Coulson when SHIELD was disbanded by Hydra. This seems like a very Howard thing to do.


Mini-Lola reveals herself as not being very nice


Well, things are going to get better, right guys? RIGHT?!


Case Evidence:

Are Bobbie and Mac really bad guys? Or are they working for someone else who thinks he should be running SHIELD? Always choose a good hiding spot for your toolbox!

Make sure you get rid of snakes!

Acting classes can help you at any job