Agents of SHIELD recap- Love in the Time of Hydra

Agent Carter mugshotAgent Carter Here: I’ve been keeping up with the agency I once founded, The SSR, now named SHIELD. They’ve so many more problems then in my day- Hydra, aliens, rogue technology, ‘special’ people and now a splinter sect of SHIELD. Let’s see how bad this pickle they’ve gotten into is…

Hmm. That is not Agent May. Such duplicity! That is a nifty bit of tech though. My word, the things the modern world can do! Flying cars, espressos in the home and wonder bras! Truly a fabulous time to be alive, such wonders. Which is shame that spy work is needed more than ever, especially with Agent 33 and Ward loose in a diner, putting on a terrible fiction straight out of a pulp novel as they kidnap a man who can fix the broken facial technology.

This is not the Agent May we know and love.

This is not the Agent May we know and love.

On the plus side, Skye is healing, but Fitz and Simmons can’t decide how Skye should be dealt with. Things get a bit shaky, so Skye leaves. Meanwhile, Coulson and May disagree about Skye’s status. May thinks Skye should leave as  Andrew suggests, Coulson does not. While I certainly understand Coulson likes Skye as a team assest, I do agree with May, that Skye is too unstable at the moment.

AoS s02e14 screenshots4

The real Agent May and Coulson discuss the problem that is Skey.


Mac and Hunter are introduced to the alternate SHIELD leaders, including a man named Gonzales and a couple of other bigwigs. They seem very upset with how Coulson is running things. A lack of transparency and such. Hunter is sure Bobbi wouldn’t agree. And then she walks in the room. Oh dear, I had hope for these two working their issues out. They seem a splendid team. Or at least they did.

AoS s02e14 screenshots5

Meeting can be dreadfully boring, especially when you’ve been kidnapped and lied to by a friend and a lover.


The kidnapped fella repairs that delightful tech on Agent 33’s face, but tells her she won’t be able to store more than 3 faces and she’s stuck on May’s. She’s trying out her face changing skills and Ward says he’s off to get her another gift. This Agent 33 is very insecure, I believe that must the brainwashing. She insists she has nothing to give in return, but Ward says he’s got plans.

Hunter gets the lecture on why Coulson can’t be trusted. This new group believes that the alien DNA Fury infected him with has compromised him. They are quite sure they should be in charge and are concerned about accountability of previous leaders. I find this distressing as we know Fury left Coulson in charge and he always had an understanding of how things should go.

Simmons and Coulson have a private meeting, with her ominously turing over a briefcase to him. It’s related to Skye and Simmons isn’t enthused about it. But Coulson insists, saying he knows the consequences and its in Skye’s best interest. Then Coulson and Skye go road tripping, in one of those jets (I know it’s called a QuinJet, but surely, Stark had a hand in it). She has packed a bag. Coulson is telling stories of his childhood to ease her worries. I’m quite sure I don’t like this much either!

Simmons gives Coulson a secret briefcase related to Skye's powers

Simmons gives Coulson a secret briefcase related to Skye’s powers

Oh dear, it seems Agent 33 has found a way to repay Ward. She is wearing Skye’s face now and gets very handsy. She looks like Skye and sounds like May. Ward is less grateful then we might expect. Agent 33 is upset, she can’t seem to give Ward what he wants, as he insists he doesn’t love Skye. Agent 33 feels like she’s lost herself thanks to Whitehall. Ward tells her she can get closure by getting revenge on Bakshi, who is in General Talbot’s custody. So she plays at being Talbot’s wife and gets on base. I hope to heavens that Dottie never got this face hiding technology.

AoS s02e14 screenshots8

Agent 33 as Skye, trying to “replay” a reluctant Ward.


Meanwhile, Coulson has taken Skye to a safe house in the middle of nowhere, that’s a good place for people with enhanced powers to recover. My dear Steve even spent time here, after he was recovered from the arctic. He shows her some gauntlets Simmons made her to help moderate her powers. She asks for his advice about if she should wear the gloves, he says there are side effects. She will have to decide. Hmm, perhaps it would have been nice to know what the side effects are!

Skye and Coulson at the safe house. Steve stayed here!

Skye and Coulson at the safe house. Steve stayed here!

Gonzales is not convinced of Bobbi’s loyalty where Hunter is concerned. That is certainly an issue when you are being disloyal yourself, you suspect it everywhere! Mac is sent back to play spy in Coulson’s camp. He tells May that Hunter is a drunken mess he babysat for a few days. May tells him to call in to Coulson and report.

Talbot has discovered there’s an infiltrator and rips the base apart trying to find the woman, but alas, Agent 33 is now of the male persuasion. And Ward has killed the security guard. So they kidnap Bakshi, one of the upper management from Hydra. Bakshi tries to engage Agent 33’s brainwash programming to no avail. Hmm, what are Ward and 33 up to?

Ah Bakishi, there you are!

Ah Bakishi, there you are!

Poor Hunter is not doing well. Bobbi has tried to explain herself, but Hunter runs off trying to escape. But, well, he’s on a aircraft carrier in the middle of the ocean. My, what we could have accomplished with one of those. Where is Coulson’s carrier? Bobbi looks for Hunter, doesn’t find him, she seems a bit sad about that.

AoS s02e14 screenshots16

Poor Hunter, he won’t be going anywhere soon. Or will he?


Talbot checks in with Coulson and tells him what happened. They tell Talbot they’ll work on shutting down the Ward/Agent 33 threat and hang up. These talking screens are truly fantastic, certainly an excellent way to communicate over vast distances. Obviously society loves being able to stay in touch so easily! Anyway, Coulson and May discuss if they believe Mac and well they don’t. Ah! I am relieved to know they suspect something is up.

Mac meanwhile is eavesdropping on an argument between Fitz and Simmons about the fact that Coulson has put Skye into hiding. Fitz, who had change forced upon himself, accuses Simmons of being too scared to deal with change. I must say I agree. Things change in this game, we must keep up, even if there’s discomfort! Besides, there’s so many wonderful devices!

Back at this other SHIELD boardroom, Gonzales and his team discuss that Hunter has stolen a boat and gotten away. There’s some argument as to how that was handled and finally Gonzales puts an end to it by announcing they have a worse problem. Mac has reported in about the missing Skye. He says it’s Bobbi’s OP, so she has to decide how to handle it. Bobbi decides that she should go back in and deal with the ‘Coulson’ problem. I must say, this is decidedly poor form.

The "real" SHIELD certainly loves their meetings.

The “real” SHIELD certainly loves their meetings.


In a parting shot, we see Agent 33 reveal her true face. She thanks Ward for freeing her. Then they go in to see if Bakshi will comply. He seems like he will, but she tells him it doesn’t matter. The TV is on the brainwash channel and I do not mean one of those ridiculous news programs.

AoS s02e14 screenshots21

What a terrible television station!


Dossier Notes:

Powers of the super persuasion are quite difficult to deal with.

Pumpkin pancakes seem to be all the rage.

For some reason everyone is very concerned about transparency in a spy organization. I believe this defines the word oxymoron.

Coup d’etat’s are so often run by committees of rather cranky people.

Referring to a Brit as a teacup is a bit disrespectful. So would be the punch I’d give that irksome fella in the nose.