Agent Carter takes names in The Blitzkrieg Button!

Agent Carter is in no mood for your crap.

Agent Carter is in no mood for your crap.

Peggy! Is nowhere to be seen! Instead we have Jarvis dealing with some thugs. And they are trying extort him. Only they don’t know it. Luckily Peggy gets the drop on a few and Jarvis knocks them out. With knock out gas! In a briefcase! The goods they were smuggling turn out to be a living room full of Howard Stark.

Turns out Howard can’t go home again, ’cause it’s crowded with agents over there. So Peggy decides she can sneak him in through the laundry dumbwaiter into her ladies only boarding house! Uh-oh, dragon lady Miriam (whom Stark knows by name) catches her and insists on walking her to her room to inspect the ‘laundry’. Whew, turns out Stark was hiding in another lady’s room practicing his lipstick removal skills.

Meanwhile back at the office- the Men in Charge are reviewing the Stark case and coming up with zip! zilch! zero! So Chief Dooley decides he wants to talk to the only guy left alive from the big battle in WWII that all the bad guys with no voice box seem to be spilling over from. Onward to Germany! He puts Thompson in charge and that guy is no fun! His pep talks suck but hey, he keeps Peggy on lunch duty. Of course, Agent Sousa decides to go print the phone at the docks instead of getting his pep talk. Office politics, wave a crutch at them!

Stark has given Peggy a camera pen (now with miniature lenses!) so she can check on the science division and get a photo inventory of the recovered Starkware. She visits science division for lunch orders and watches as those hapless guys shock and awe various people and things. They are baffled about what everything does and Peggy just waves her pen around snapping pics.

The photos reveal one device that must be acquired! It sounds like an EMP that would black out a city the size of NY, toot sweet, with toasted electric grids, making recovery difficult. She and Jarvis team up to replace the device with a dummy and it’s during this scene when Peggy begins to notice that Jarvis and Stark aren’t on the up and up. So while she’s alone with her hands on the VERY DANGEROUS DO NOT MESS WITH IT device, she opens it and finds not complex gizmos, but a vial of blood. Hmmm.

Remember those thugs? Well, they reported to their boss, Mr. Mink, about their failure and he uses a nifty automatic handgun and kills them for letting him down. He’s decided to find Peggy and Stark himself. He also seems familiar with their names. AND he’s delightfully creepy and villainous looking. Even the Griffen’s matron gives him the eye when he tries to get into Peggy’s room by delivering flowers. Mr. Smooth he isn’t!

Agent Sousa pulls fingerprints off the phone by the dock and gets the bum rush. Lucky he knows how to use that crutch! So he brings the guy in and after some heart to heart is unsuccessful, Agent Thompson buys the bum’s info with a bottle of hooch and a sammy. The info in trade? There was a well dressed man and woman at the scene of the ship before the police were called in to discover the Starkware. New lead! Sousa begins to ponder if the blond at the club (aka Peggy in disguise) last time might really be a brunette.

Chief Dooley is in Germany talking to Schuller about the battle in Finnal that laid many Germans, Russians and Americans to waste. Schuller is reluctant, until the Bossman offers him a cyanide pill. To avoid a messy public hanging. Schuller explains that there was no battle, simply upon the arrive of his battalion, everyone was dead. A lot of people dead and it was messy. We can ponder about who did that while…

Peggy confronts Howard about the non-dangerous device and he reveals that it’s a vial of Steve Rogers blood. BAM goes Peggy’s fist to his face! Then she really tears him a new one for 1- lying 2- making a mockery of Steve Rogers 3- betraying her. She doesn’t hand over the vial of blood and she leaves. Oddly enough this is all she has left of Steve.

Out in the hall of her floor, Mr Mink comes out of the air duct to knock on Peggy’s door. (Remember when airducts were big enough for humans? I blame Die Hard for the downsizing) Just as Mr Mink is going to get into Peggy’s room and display his terrible villainy, Peggy’s new neighbor Dottie is just leaving her room and asks what’s going on.  He pulls out his nifty gun and she cocks her head. He’s threatening and she’s all, “Is that automatic? I WANT IT.” And she proceeds to Spider-Woman off the walls, wrap his neck in her dainty calves and snap his neck. Before he can say ‘BOO’! So much for blond haired creepy villainy, hello secret, secret agent! We, of course, have been waiting for (and betting on) the reveal of hidden agents among regular characters, now if we can figure out which side she’s on. And whether that boarding house is a front for all sorts of agents!

Peggy is walking down the street chatting with Jarvis about his betrayal and saying she can at least trust the bad men, because their intentions are always clear. Jarvis sighs and apologizes for himself and Stark for the millionth time as he slinks off to get his shoes shined with Stark. AND STAN LEE!!! (Stan sighting # a zillion and 2, we love you Stan) Jarvis says he loathes Stark’s treatment of Peggy and Stark says Jarvis will win her back. Stan Lee asks for the sports section. Why not the comics Stan?!

Agent Carter walked right by Howard Stark, Jarvis and THAT guy getting their shoes shined

Guess who’s behind the newspaper!

We end on some montage shots while Gene Krupa’s Drum Boogie plays in the background-Peggy is hiding the blood vial in her walls, neighbor Dotty is admiring her new gun with a dead body under the bed (worst housemate ever), the boss and the office are pondering a larger conspiracy of evildoers, and the mysterious typewriter/communication device starts to type.

Dossier Notes

You do your best fighting in high heels.

Howard Stark can ALWAYS find refuge withe the ladies.

If you want something done right, shoot the lackeys and do it yourself.

New line of casual wear- Chicken hiding sweaters and gravy holding pockets!

Dottie is a gun collector.

Stan Lee might be a time lord.